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  1. sailman

    Total Boat Non-Skid

    Has anyone used the Total Boat Non-Skid?  Getting ready to do my decks which have painted non-skid on them that has worn down.  What should my surface prep be?  Heavy or light sand?  How many coats?  The JD YouTube video shows a guy rolling and tipping it, which makes no sense.
  2. sailman

    Separating House and Start/Windlass cicuits

    Current setup is all lead-acid batteries.  Two Group 27 (Start and Windlass).  One 4D for House load.  All three on a shared charge controller, the start and house are on a 1 - Both - 2 - Off battery switch.  I have solar charging, engine charging and 120VAC charging when plugged in dock side. ...
  3. sailman

    i70s bricked or not?

     I am working on a friends boat and he is having issues with an i70s instrument.  During a software update the instrument was off and the download failed but now the instrument will not power up.  Any ideas?
  4. sailman

    Upgrade Raymarine ST60 to i70

    My ST60 instruments are having issues with reliability.  Specifically Wind and Depth.  Looking at options and price it seems a package of either three i70 displays or one Tri-Data i70 would work. I have a Raymarine below deck AP linked with the NMEA 2000 conversion bus and an E7 chart plotter...
  5. sailman

    Icom VHF replacement antenna

    Are all handheld VHF antennas created equal?  Trying to source a replacement for my Icom IC-M32 hand held.
  6. sailman

    Jabsco VFlo pump issue

    First cruise with the Jabsco VFlo series 42755.  Very much like the variable flow and low noise.  The issue is intermittently it will just idle with no taps open.  No leaks in the system.  It will idle at about 3 amps, sometimes shut down on its own and other times it’s thermal overload will...
  7. sailman

    Sizing a water system pressure pump

    Not happy with the current setup, low pressure and wide range on the start stop of the pump.  The system does not have an accumulator.  There is the galley, head (w/shower) and deck shower.  The chances of two of those running at the same time are remote to nil.  Is this as simple as moving up...
  8. sailman

    Raymarine Wind issue

    I have a 60 series instrument cluster.  Had been working just fine up to this season and then the wind dropped out.  See the photos.  Any ideas?  Connections are clean and the network is up on all other instruments.
  9. sailman

    Charging three batteries

    Trying to get a handle on a battery combiner setup.  Three batteries, all wet cells, two Group 27 and one 4D.  All the combiners I have seen are for two batteries.  Is there a way to do this?
  10. sailman

    Lippincott 30...any info?

    Looking for info on these boats, not much out there other than sailboat data.  Did any race MORC?
  11. sailman

    Auckland AC logistics

    I am planning a trip to be in Auckland for the finals, arriving a few days early with plans for site seeing as well.  Questions: B&B or Hotel? Location?  Interesting sites in and around Auckland? It will be three of us (myself, wife and son).  Thoughts?
  12. sailman

    Wahine 26

    Any other boat show attendees stop in to the Wahine 26? ( Excellent deck layout and roomy cockpit.  Down below is more like a 30 footer than 26.  Brand new boat so no idea how it sails, the numbers look alright though.
  13. sailman

    Plugged in at the dock and charging

    Usually the only time I plug into the dock is when cruising and we want hot water and or AC. I will put my battery charger on as well but this is usually only for a day or two. There is a 100W solar panel in our system with a 4D lead acid house battery. This summer I am going to pre-stage the...
  14. sailman

    USPHRF Appeal Process

    Does anyone have any experience with this process? Application calls for a ton of data?
  15. sailman

    Interprotect 2000 --- how long does it last?

    Does Interprotect 2000 have a service life once it is applied? (Assuming of course it was applied correctly) In speaking with my yard manager about soda blasting the bottom paint I asked if the barrier coat would be spared and he stated that it had a 10 year service life. I searched Interlux...
  16. sailman

    New flooring----what to install

    This winter I am going to take up the original teak and holly floor and replace it. I want the replacement to be easy to maintain and also easy to install. Would prefer not to poly or varnish the new flooring. What options are out there?
  17. sailman

    Raymarine e7 settings will not change

    Tried to enter this topic in the Raymarine forum and it seems that those are no longer updated. The problem is the trying to change the display from "North up" to "Course up". I make the change on the menu and go back to the chart and nothing has changed, go back into the menu and "North up"...
  18. sailman

    A cruise to Pitcairn Island....

    A fellow WI36 owner checked back in with me to say that he left Bermuda and is on a cruise with a final destination (for now) of Pitcairn Island. Check them out here, Alex Brooks and his partner Sarah on board Bob in the Galapagos Islands currently.
  19. sailman

    Perry Design there a list of all the boats?

    I was curious about a particular boat and wanted to see if it had been reviewed by Mr. Perry. Is there a listing all the boats he has reviewed? I have two of the book reviews, Vol 1 & 4.
  20. sailman

    MORC Certificates...anyone have digital copies?

    Looking for some comparison data on 29-30 foot MORC boats, does anyone have any digital scans i.e pdf's? Thanks!