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    Mast bracket falling off my carbon mast...

     never seen a 316 helical and have been looking for 40 years. I have used Nitronic 60 and Titanium on a few applications. Iif it is thin carbon then a hell coil will not work well. you could bond in a thread insert like a Rosan used for wood aircraft. if it were me I would make brackets out of...
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    So, I got a free Prindle

    good boat but takes some practice to tack. I had one for a year way back when. the halyard is a 3/16" line inside the mast slot has Aussie ring at the upper end and attaches to the sail head and is held up on the mast heat hook which is mounted to the mast head. rotate the mast to hook and...
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    Mainsheet Winch For 18-foot model R/C sailboat

    how about a pontoon boat drum winch that is used for pulling anchor , they are about 45 lbs. lift
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    Yanmar 1gm10 replacement

    had one just like that, was like that when i bought it and the other two bolts were holding the pump fine.  removed the pump cleaned the surface with solvent and used JB weld for steel to build it back. re taped the hole and filed the surface flat. still going strong 6 years later. repaired a...
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    What caused the leak in the new hull?

    The fact that it is the first prop tube that Seascape had ever installed might have had something to do with the leak. and the location of the seal being right on the bottom of the flat bottom hull made it very hard to tell where the leak was coming from. they should have installed a saildrive.  
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    What caused the leak in the new hull?

    I believe this boat is in China so not many good resources to repair boat manufacturing problems. Dealer was not up to the task.
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    Lido 14 rubrail

    call WD Schock they made the Lido 14 and still do
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    3 Strand Dock Lines Been using them on our boat for the last ten years and they have kept the boat from getting away so far.
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    Badly conceived rudder project

    A balanced rudder will not fix a weather helm problem , only makes it easier for a person to turn the rudder when it is used to correct for weather helm. if you don't fix the weather helm problem with the rig and sail balance you will still need a lot of rudder no matter what rudder you use.
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     Sissoo rosewood is a valued wood. native to india and not imported to the US. instrument makers would love to get a hold of that. price is about the same as teak. about 30 to 40 dollars a board foot  
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    Can I tap that? (Fiberglass)

    seems like a good place for foam weather stripping or a gasket  
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    Can I tap that? (Fiberglass)

    it is not about strength to hold on a plastic cover but make sure you counter sink the gelcoat to help prevent the gelcoat from cracking. tapping is better because it cuts the treading, removes the material and the sheet metal screw cracks and displaces the material which almost always cracks...
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    Powder Coating Genoa Tracks

    you could powder coat a jib track. the material you coat with would have to be selected for the purpose. there are a very wide range of powder coating materials that are tougher then the aluminum. I use a material called Silverstone, yes the same as in the non stick pans for a wear strip on one...
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    Gelcoat on Epoxy: Will it work, or disaster?

    when you remove the peel ply you are removing the amine when you sand you remove the amie. gelcoat over epoxy or polyester works best if there is a lot of tooth for it to hold on to. I use 80 grit before gelcoat. there are additives the make gelcoat adhere to epoxy better. I have used Duratec...
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    Teak - Finish or Let It Grey?

    I agree never put epoxy on the teak under the varnish. anyone suggesting that has never made that mistake .there is nothing to gain and a lot of rework ahead for you . big gain for the epoxy manufactures  
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    Plain bearing vs ball bearing blocks

    Replaced the mast head block on the main halyard with a Harken roller bear sheave. reduced the load to raise the main by ten times. I have no use for the cheap plain bearing blocks anywhere on the boat. ball bearing ratchet blocks on the sheets also makes life easier.
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    New to me swept spreader rig for my build

    The hunter 40.5 rig is a swept spreader rig with a split backstay with inboard shrouds . Bruce  Roberts 44 is straight spreader  rig with outboard shrouds. so you have two choices use the stick and change it to straight spreaders which will require new  longer spreaders or use the rig as is and...
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    metal compatible with carbon fiber

    You are making carbon riggers to make them light and strong. why add metal, the carbon is plenty strong to support an oarlock without a metal insert. besides that for there to be corrosion there needs to be water in-between the materials if there is water between the materials then they are not...
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    Can the lower leg of a SD20 saildrive be filled from the top?

    yellow cap on the rear of the engine/trans above the anode cap on the side . anode should be changed yearly also.