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  1. hobot

    Kolpak Walk-In Freezer

    Anyone out in SA land have knowledge of hinges like this? Kolpak walk-in freezer door, three hinges that need some lubrication. What type would be best to use? Somewhere in the back of my pea-brain is the thought that petroleum based lubrication products are bad for rubber. what say the Council?
  2. hobot

    Why is There Air?

  3. hobot

    The Only Antonov An-225 Gone??!!

    Victim of the war?
  4. hobot

    DTS Procol Harums Gary Brooker
  5. hobot


    It's a little unnerving....
  6. hobot

    Being In A Band Has Its Moments!

  7. hobot


    Yippee! Time to get ready for a new another booster shot!
  8. hobot

    2022 Disaster Bingo

    This might just be doable entertainment.
  9. hobot

    DTS - Don Everly
  10. hobot

    Random PicThread

  11. hobot

    Jonathan Pollard a free man, WTF??

    Sentenced to life in prison for being a spy and Trump cuts him loose to Israel?
  12. hobot

    Mary Ann DTS

  13. hobot

    A Shameful Anniversary - Wounded Knee

    This evenings writings from Professor Heather Cox Richardson... December 28, 2020 (Monday) I will fill in today's news tomorrow, because there is nothing that cannot wait, and today, and tomorrow, are anniversaries.... On the clear, cold morning of December 29, 1890, on the Pine Ridge...
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    Ignore please

    [No message]
  15. hobot

    Tiangong-1, “Heavenly Palace, is Coming Down

    End of life decent. Final orbit above the Pacific Ocean with 1 minute markers
  16. hobot

    Chubby Girl - Going to Hawaii

    How has this passed under the SA radar?
  17. hobot

    West Coast 8m fleet

    Asking for a family friend..... looking for info about the 8m "Mirage" sailing out of Ventura in the early 80's? Anyone know of it's existence or where it is, or even if it's floating still? TIA
  18. hobot

    Vintage Sailing Gizmos

    What old school gizmo do you have sitting around?
  19. hobot

    Need to Purchase a New External Drive

    I'm in need of a new external drive. I collect quite a few pictures for both work and the Random PicThread. The drive I have now is pretty much maxed out with work pictures, saved Word docs and saved Excell docs.  Am looking on Amazon and quite frankly, I have no idea of how much storage I...
  20. hobot

    The Arecibo Observatory - Yikes!