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    Mark Mills designed 60’ offshore foiler
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    10 Days To Go - Place Your Bets

    Mine: - Venue will be AKL - GD will stay on, with a bare bones team complement - no new boat for TNZ, just a refurbished Te Rehutai - Guillaume Verdier will be hired by Alinghi Your guess??
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    How it’s done: the launch of the E1 electric, foiling motor boat series

    Whiling away the time, it’s worth spending 20 minutes seeing how professionals see opportunities and launch a new sport initiative. You may recall Alejandro Agag is the guy behind the wildly successful ePrix race car series. Look at the quality of the video, no moaning about funding or begging...
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    Richard Slater unilaterally emasculated the AC

    With his Jacobine interpretation of no “ghost boat” collision to the centimeter, he’s effectively taken out any incentive to penalty seeking - which was traditionally at the heart of match racing up to IACC Cups. I don’t understand why people bemoan the sail change ballets of yore, and not this...
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    Kashoggi report

    Unobjectionable. Raises the small detail, though, of why the Soleimani assassination was sacrosanct, instead
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    FCS troubles - seems karma IS a bitch

    Aren’t the guys who feasted on LR/Persico’s foil arm problems oddly silent now? I mean fine as long as it’s kicking BA while he’s down, but when Patriot loses a race? I have a feeling LR intends to exploit this: when Checco Bruni was asked if he had seen the Patriot incident he suddenly lost...
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    A request for Cruisin Loser

    If I may, could I know how he voted? I made a perfunctory check and couldn’t find anything. Reason I’m curious he’s just about the only conservative member here I find respectable, plus we share a technical background - but he has an entrepreneurial slant, while I’m more big company oriented
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    Antonov 124 - retroactive shivers

    Uncontained No.2 engine explosion on take-off. Managed to land back, but no flaps or brakes: off-runway excursion The plane belongs to a Russian company, not Ukrainian Antonov Airlines; all the same, one has to wonder about  maintenance quality.  There’s got to be a collective “there, but for...
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    From Jack Griffin’s Cup Experience - Wait a minute ...

    This put things in a slightly different perspective, no?
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    Robert Fisk, DTS

    A truly great journo passed away. Famous for his three interviews with Osama Bin Laden, but his The Great War for Civilization is fundamental - just skipped the chapter on Armenia, because it was unbearable
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    The Crew Dragon’s Principal Structural Engineer is ...

    ... Andrea Avaldi, apparently. Does the name ring a bell?
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    Space X launch and Trump

    He’ll be back Saturday for the new launch attempt. Just remembered that Nixon watched the Apollo 11 launch from the White House
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    The kiwis are coming home to roost

    Prompted by the latest S-W whiny piece, I’m now glad to state that LR was right in proposing a two-month delay for Cagliari ACWS and ETNZ have got only themselves to blame for nixing it. Consider the facts: Te Aihe is presumably still stuck in Gioia Tauro, being understandably low priority vis...
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    Boats certificates

    I’ve seen the question asked several times, but I don’t remember reading a firm answer. So, I’m trying again with a separate thread, hoping to clarify the matter once for all: is it a fact that boats won’t have multiple measurement certificates (with the one best fitting each day’s conditions...
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    The AC On A Shoestring: Now Why Didn’t I Think Of That?

    Trying to make sense of the last minute flood of prospective, but manifestly marginal, challengers: why and why just now? A possible explanation is that Defender and COR have become convinced that the number of serious teams is capped at the present foursome. Both, however, have a vested...
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    Did I miss both 2019 ACWS events to be in Italy?

    That’s what the latest issue of Cup Experience says, supposedly based on a RG interview with COR36 CEO Laurent Esquier. Old news?
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    The World As it Is by Ben Rhodes

    Just finished reading it. Even allowing for the inevitable self-celebratory angle, I found the insight into Obama's intellectual process fascinating - and, of corse, the contrast with what followed unreal
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    Day sailing from Raiatea, French Polynesia

    #2 Son and friends will be bareboat chartering two 40'-50' Catanas from Raiatea - for 8-9 days in mid-may. Since their collective skill level isn't stellar, it is to be hoped they'll stick to day sailing (like they've done in the Caribbean) and not attempt passages. On this basis, any...
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    Artwork Befitting This President Onya to the Guggenheim curator lady. And so glad the author of the 18-karat gold toilet is an Italian :D