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  1. Overbored

    Robline Fail

    Thought I would try a different  Line manufacturer, Rant: I purchased some Robine Dingy control line BLUE in color to go in some Blue cleats to replace a Blue line  and I got line with a blue core with a black cover.  yes it could be a navy blue cover but no it is black as black comes. Hey...
  2. Overbored

    Randy Smyth Rescued   Good to here he is OK
  3. Overbored

    Harken Reflex Top Down Furler Anyone using one?

    Looks interesting. it uses SS braid in the torque rope and very low profile 2 to 1 tack fitting
  4. Overbored

    New England Salsa Braid

    Anyone been able to splice this line? how did you do it ? very dense line not like any other single braid that I have tried.
  5. Overbored

    Lewmar Vs Spinlock line Clutch

    Do the Lewmars hold any better then the Spinlocks. I have Spinlock XTS on the halyards on my First 30 and they slip just the same as they do on most other boats I have sailed. Do the Lewmar DC 2 hold any better. Maybe the New Spinlock XTR will hold a halyard like they should.
  6. Overbored

    Carbon Vs. Aluminum mast pros and cons

    High performance racing aluminum mast vs. a high performance Carbon racing mast on the same boat. Given a light 30' racer/cruiser, modern rig, swept back spreaders, what are the performance differences? will you feel the difference or will you need the instruments to see the .001 % difference...
  7. Overbored

    Salsa Line

    I am looking for new line for my Harken windward sheeting traveler. I was thinking of using Salsa line by NER opinions?
  8. Overbored

    Furler line

    I have a continuous line furler and looking for recommendations for what line to use in 8mm size . The line needs to be end to end spliced so it will feed smoothly through the furler