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  1. L Z

    Another SA sad AC Article

    Another phenomenal AC sailing and media article on the Front Page - in case you happened to stop by to see it. I'm at a loss for words to describe how disgusted and sick I am with all the latest articles being posted. If it is not absolutely perfect to SA's liking, it is trash. And let's...
  2. L Z

    Detroit Cup Match Race - Live

    The Detroit Cup Match Race Grade 2 event hosted by Bayview Yacht Club in Detroit, Michigan and part of the USA Grand Slam Series starts today. The first pairing just started and the event can be seen live at LZ
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    Key West Race Week 2014

    Registration is open and you you know you don't want to miss it! Sign up here: Make you winter plans to get out of the cold and get some sailing in Key West this January!
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    Block Island - Internet help

    OK, let;s see if you guys can help me. As you know, I'm working with the BIRW Race Committee (yep, no racing for me!) and we need to get high speed internet connection to the Race Committee Office. Over the last few years, the only and best we've been able to get to the trailer was (is) a DSL...
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    Grenada Sailing Week

    If you haven't done this event, it is a fun 4 days of racing, great parties on a fantastic island! Well worth the trip! Grenada Sailing Week welcomes its four race day sponsors... Our four days of intense racing are all being backed by some of the most synonymous names in sailing. Camper...
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    Block Island Race Week - 25th Anniversary!

    Registrations are now open and the the Notice of Race for The Storm Trysail Club's 25th Block Island Race Week has been posted on the event at Yacht Scoring at http://www.yachtscor...enu.cfm?eID=739. The Regatta Regulations can also be found on the regatta website. The Storm Trysail Club is...
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    VO70 Live Interviews

    They just finished a live interview with Sanya. Telefonica is next in about 15 minutes. Going on right now at Cool stuff being able to get inside the boats for a chat while watching them speed through the Atlantic Ocean. Enjoy, LZ
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    2012 Event Registrations

    Here it is... our list of the current events with open Registration (sorted by date): p.s. Viper 640s so far wins "speed of registration"... 30 of them signed up in less then 3 days!!! Pretty impressive response! 2012 Soto40 South American Cup - Chiloé, Viña del Mar, , Chile - 12/Apr/2012...
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    Mackinac Races - Registration is Open

    Registration for both Mackinac Races are now open. Sign up! Bell's Beer Bayview Mackinac Race - Chicago Race to Mackinac - LZ
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    Inaugural Bayview One Design Regatta

    As you all know by now, the Bayview Yacht Club is launching the "Bayview One Design Regatta" scheduled for June 01-03, 2012. Yes, there will be some PHRF also for those interested. We want everyone out on the course instead of the docks. Registration is now open and the NOR is posted for this...
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    Atlantic City Race Week

    After a 20 year hiatus we are proud to be able to bring Atlantic City Race Week back to Atlantic City. Atlantic City Race week began in 1977 and at it's peak over 100 boats from the east coast descended on Atlantic City for a week of competitive racing. This coming July the Ocean City Yacht...
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    2011 Open Event Registrations

    Here's a current list of upcoming events that are open for registration on Yacht Scoring: 2011 EFG Bank Viper 640 Pan American Championship - Miami, Long Beach, Newport & Sarnia, , USA - 15/Feb/2011 2011 Spring One Design - San Francisco, CA, USA - 19/Mar/2011 2011 International Rolex...
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    Event Registrations

    Here's an updated list of currently open event registrations on Yacht Scoring. We have already started setting up new events for 2011 so keep checking for more events in the coming year. 2010 Bayview Yacht Club Thursday Night Series - Detroit, MI, USA - 15/Apr/2010 2010 Can One Thursday Night...
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    CRF - Classic/Cruising Rating Factor (?)

    Need some help as I have not been able to find this information. Does anyone know the Corrected Time calculations for the CRF (Classic Rating Factor?) Let's say a boat has a CRF of 36.9 Sailed a course of 12NM In an Elapsed Time of 1:24:38 (all hypothetical) How do we calculate this boat's...
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    2010 Rolex US-IRC Nationals

    The 2010 Rolex US-IRC National Championship will be held this year in conjunction with the NYYC Race Week at Newport presented by Rolex on July 21-24, 2010. Registrations are now opened! Notice of Race Entry Form / Registration NYYC Race Week web site Note: There will also be a Classics, 12...
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    The 2010 US-IRC Great Lakes Championships

    The 2010 US-IRC Great Lakes Championships for the second consecutive year will be sailed in lower Lake Huron in the shadow of two great sailing communities; Sarnia, Ontario and Port Huron, Michigan. The Port Huron Yacht Club is looking forward to hosting this much anticipated event just one week...
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    Open Event Registrations

    Here's an updated list of events as of 10/May/2010 that are currently open for registration on Yacht Scoring. I'll update this list regularly as we setup and open new events.   2010 Bayview Yacht Club Thursday Night Series - Detroit, MI, USA - 15/Apr/2010 2010 Can One Thursday Night Series -...
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    Used Equipment Trailer

    Thought you guys might be able to help us. We are looking for a "movable" storage space for the equipment for our fleet of club boats at the club. In essence, we are looking for a used sail/equipment trailer that we can store all the equipment and move it to the parking place. If you know of...
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    If you like Soccer, check this guy out!

    Not sure if you guys have seen this video but check the accuracy and ball control this guy has! Incredible.
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    Live from BBS

    Got a live BBS feed going from the club house overlooking the water. Go to and click on "Live on the water video" link... LZ