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  1. SockeyeUS119

    Keel Bolts

    Look back up at Pricilla’s reply. It’s not a joke about “outboard keel bolts” That horizontal rod with a threaded hole is how knockdown furniture is connected. The advantage is 1) wider distribution of the load in the soft material 2) easy to form the space for that rod, just drill 3) easy to...
  2. sockeye's Summer of Six Meter sailing

    sockeye's Summer of Six Meter sailing

    Impressions from the Puget Sound six meters 2010
  3. SockeyeUS119

    IOR landfills?

    Yelcho is gracing the cover of the PMYC calendar this year. She’ll be for sale this summer.  Too much for two of us. 
  4. SockeyeUS119

    Re-Rigging around 70's Genius

    I agree with ExOmo. Why go synthetic. You can’t possibly save enough weight to justify the cost and headache v. The reliability of SS. Topping lift and runners?ok, but standing rigging, hmmm.
  5. SockeyeUS119

    Prop Strut broke! Help!

    here is the strut in all its gory
  6. SockeyeUS119

    What is this? Or Stuff found in a toolbox.

    different worlds, up on the mast his water evaporates and leaves the salt behind. 
  7. SockeyeUS119

    Prop Strut broke! Help!

    Well, I screwed up and didn't take any photos. we built a stainless strut and with about an hour of scraping the bog on the tidal grid I got it lined up pretty well. I get a second shot when I get to haul out. My biggest worry it the brass sleeve on the cutless bearing against the stainless...
  8. SockeyeUS119

    Old racer back to water

    Wow, you're doing a great job. If I had gotten here earlier i would have encouraged you to try to find some Black locust for steam bending frames. In some of the old sixes there are some sharp bends like that and the black locust does quite well. I have sailed old sixes that were in way worse...
  9. SockeyeUS119

    Prop Strut broke! Help!

    I'm making one from SS 316.  Just a couple hundred for the metal and a few hours grinding it out, Fabricator is welding it up. 
  10. SockeyeUS119

    Prop Strut broke! Help!

    PT Foundry estimated $1100-1200 if they had a pattern close to start with, more if they had to make one off my strut.
  11. SockeyeUS119

    Hobot has COVID 19

    And! this boat has lifelines for the rehabing. You'll love it. Peterson 1/2 tonner. we went upwind averaging 5.5 last Thursday. wind was 25 gusts to 35. She had her ears about 8" unser water and still trucking. It's no 6mR  but it is a Peterson! I'll never forget you actually running up the deck...
  12. SockeyeUS119

    Hobot has COVID 19

    I haven't been here for a while. Hobot, I have another bow that needs you
  13. SockeyeUS119

    Prop Strut broke! Help!

    I have a broken prop strut on my Chaser 29. Where in heavens name does a guy find that part?  It got welded once but it didn't last long. 
  14. SockeyeUS119

    Lewmar 30 st single speed. REPAIR

    Aluminum. Upper part of drum that rides on roller bearings, check. Have access to machine shop. Winches are rare old Lewmar single speed 30ST.  I have four from my IOR winch farm. I am probably going to sell them and want an answer if someone get that deep upon examination. They don’t rattle or...
  15. SockeyeUS119

    Lewmar 30 st single speed. REPAIR

    Can I mill out the corrosion and wear inside the drum ( bearing surface) and bush it out?
  16. SockeyeUS119

    new old 505

    Things are coming along. Now I need a twin spirit/spinno. I found a boat with the main sheet block I will get. Main set back is rot/Delam in CB trunk wall. The fix will add some weight but I will keep it as light as my gorilla engineering will allow. 
  17. SockeyeUS119

    Laser 4.7 in North America

    At PMYC we have a junior program that ebbs and floods over years. It depends on  the advisor, the kid or kids that decide sailing is cool.  My feeling on gear is buy a pretty damn good Opti. When you sell that $1500-2500 boat for your 10 yo, you only lose $100-$200. Same with the laser. Like...
  18. SockeyeUS119

    new old 505

    I do not want anything like a majik box. Sockeye was full of'em when I got her. Nothing but trouble. 
  19. SockeyeUS119

    On-deck fabric spinnaker chute

    Get a big old north genoa bag to recut. It has mesh panels for drainage. Uv durable cloth. Pretty blue. Just don't use the zippers.
  20. SockeyeUS119

    new old 505

    Great help guys. I think I can work out a main sheet she can use from this stuff. I have been a proponent of losing purchase on the sixes for faster sheeting but they all have new 42's or should. Girl might need to pump some iron. I appreciate the advice about 2' of sheet from the rail. That...