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    Please delete this thread!

    Please delete
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    ICW Cruising

    ICW takes days doing what takes hours offshore. Unless you are going to do this in the severe off season or hire a captain with no sailing experience - not worth it. $300 is what my crane guy charges to take the rig down in Miami. You do the work of pulling pins, making wires nice and...
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    Curious Double Fatality at Sea

    Better picture of the boat pre recovery.. Looks like a few tears just below the head. Furling system gone wrong? Looks like the hydro for the vang failed at the least.. Boom on the dodger in first shot. Bloody creepy rolling up on this thing in the middle of the night
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    Soft shackle stupid question

    you can "tie" your shackle to your sheets with some whipping thread through the soft shackle.. between the knot and where is goes through the splice in the sheet. SImilar to this, but get rid of whatever black webbing they have here and replace it with the whipping thread. Also general note...
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    What sunglasses do you wear?

    I use Kaenon frames with Tajima lenses. They are a forum sponsor, and will give a discount code for the referral from SA.  You can buy a used pair of frames with beat up lenses on ebay, buy new lenses from Tajima and you have a brand new pair of glasses. Love the lenses, definitely have an edge...
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    Anemometer connection at base of mast??

    Raymarine ST60 suite, connecting the masthead windvane to the boat connection.   Those 5 tiny wires, what do you guys use? Currently have this junction box pictured below, but I need to replace it. I'm fine with the same style box, but I cannot find it anywhere.. any ideas?
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    Sail Boat Industry - where is it at today? Popcorn thoughts solicited

    Depends on the model of course, but for an average 45-60' mono, Swan is at mid 2023, oyster is mid/early 23, hylas is the same at mid/late 23 Mono builders are definitely not feeling the same pressure as multihull builders currently. Still a wait, but not as dramatic.  That being said, the...
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    Sail Boat Industry - where is it at today? Popcorn thoughts solicited

    FP is selling slots for 2025 delivery Neel is selling late 23 Nautitech is selling late 23 Grand soleil is late 23 Leopard is late 24  late buyers at La Grand Motte are offering "cash for slots" to other buyers.. 30,40,50K sometimes.  Boat financing rates are still in the low 4's with a...
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    Delaming wood bulkheads

    After I posted this that got me thinking..  To be honest I'm not sure. She's a 1981 and a decent designer so I would hope and assume that there is a glass bulkhead and this is just decorative..  Especially if I need to replace it 
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    Delaming wood bulkheads

    Not sure what my options are here.. Thin laminate to re cover the bulkheads?  Any ideas? Water leak has been fixed 
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    Material for trailer hull supports

    HA!  Laughed at that one  I had the spaghetti mat on my star, and where she was sitting on the pads she formed blisters from the stuff. I've had no issues after switching to the floor mat.  With the weight of the boat, the spaghetti compresses and is basically flat. This allow moisture to stay...
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    Material for trailer hull supports
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    Lightning mitigation systems - South Florida

    Agreed with what you quoted.  We'll be neighbors! I'm the blue boat at the end of cgsc mooring field. Glad your rig will be taller than mine ha
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    Lightning mitigation systems - South Florida

    Where in MIami? Big chance you won't be the biggest stick around... With that rig height I'd be more concerned about hurricane storage.. 
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    resealing cabin windows

    and then for bedding the windows into the deck? 4200?
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    resealing cabin windows

    Not so sure about the tape, as these windows sit at a 45 degree angle or so on the cabin top, and this is going to be visible from the inside. The water just pools on the outside where the frame meets the window, so I'm a little nervous about the long term adhesion properties of the tape in the...
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    resealing cabin windows

    The time has come to reseal the cabin windows on my 1981 Kalik 40.  The original rubber molding that secures the glass to the frame is gone of course.. New plan is to goop it up with whatever the best stuff is...  Has anyone does this recently? What kind of sealant did you use? Glass windows...
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    Olympic Sailing

    FYI for anyone who has a newer samsung TV with the samsung TV app, the edge channel (1169) has sailing on it. Just saw a promo for the show "The sail to Tokyo" and they had Vendee highlights on yesterday..  
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    IOR landfills?

    Well I'll be damned. A true "no shit" moment. Must have some killer lift on port.     And what appears to be a go at an open 30. 
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    IOR landfills?

    Totally sad. Sailed by from a distance yesterday and saw the dreaded sight, a rig sitting at an angle that it shouldn't be sitting at. She's gone for good.