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  1. Nor'Banks

    Meade Gougeon has passed

    I met Meade and Jan after they called me from Florida and were standing on the beach admiring one of the first Weta's in the US (they were very helpful to this new owner showing their love for sailing and helping people enjoy sailing).  They soon after showed up in Duck (with a converted ATV...
  2. Nor'Banks

    do you think the melges 14 will catch on?

    How about UFO and the Weta?  They would be good additions to that fleet.
  3. Nor'Banks

    WetaFest 2016

    Registration is now open for WetaFest 2016!! This is an awesome event at the amazing Fort Walton Beach Yacht Club!! A great opportunity for Weta owners and those interested in Weta to come see what this boat is all about. This is a "don't miss" event for Weta Sailors...
  4. Nor'Banks

    If you started a club racing fleet....

    The Topaz Argo would be a good fit for what you are looking for. Best dinghy: Topper Topaz Argo | Sailing World
  5. Nor'Banks

    Weta Nationals, September 23-26

    2015 Zhik Weta Nationals Update: 30 boats and counting. Writer and Photographer coming from Sailing World to give coverage for the event. Videographer is in place. Shirts and Trophies are ready to go. Trophies for both single handed and double handed classes. We do have a couple of charter...
  6. Nor'Banks

    18' Whisper Production Foiling Cat

    The first U.S. Whispers are packed up and headed to Nor'Banks Sailing! We will be at the Annapolis Sailboat Show with the builder Rob White.
  7. Nor'Banks

    Weta Nationals, September 23-26

    Zhik has come onboard as our title sponsor. There will be lots of Zhik goodies and raffle items. Thanks ZHIK!! One month away and we have 18 boats registered singlehanded and 5 boats double handed. For those of you on the fence, GET OFF THE FENCE! We have 6 of the top 8 finishers from...
  8. Nor'Banks

    Weta Nationals, September 23-26

    The Weta Nationals will be held at Nor'Banks Sailing in Duck, NC from September 23-26. The event is being sponsored by Nor'Banks Sailing and SailNC and will take place on the Currituck Sound. This is a great small boat venue and should provide some awesome sailing! The top 6 finishers from...
  9. Nor'Banks

    New vs old Weta

    The prod is the same size and is identical to the pre 2015 boats. Mike makes a great point that the sailors are still winning the races. Hull's number 362 and 254 placed 2nd and 3rd in a very competitive fleet at Weta Fest. For anyone wanting to see the 2015 in person, we will be at the...
  10. Nor'Banks

    WetaFest 2015

    Weta Fest is Awesome!! Fort Walton Beach Yacht Club is doing a great job as hosts and race committee!! Special shout out to John Farris and Cliff Farrah who have been the main organizers. Thursday was a great opportunity for the sailors to take a seminar with Randy Smyth. This seminar was...
  11. Nor'Banks

    WetaFest 2015

    Weta Fest starts this week! Heading out tomorrow to Atlanta to pick up and prep Cliff's new Weta. Racing in the Wednesday night fun race at FWBYC, clinic with Randy Smyth on Thursday and Weta Fest for the weekend. Speaking of Cliff getting a new boat, he has traded in his awesome condition...
  12. Nor'Banks

    Weta anarchy

    Nor'Banks Sailing will be displaying a new Weta at the upcoming Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show, April 25-28. This is a great mini version of the Fall Sailbat Show with plenty to see and do. Nor'Banks will be offering a boat show special, but you will need to come and see us or contact us...
  13. Nor'Banks

    Weta anarchy

    How about a run from Duck, NC to Cape Lookout Bight in the Sounds!
  14. Nor'Banks

    The future of the WETA?

    Bob, Good luck on the sales pitch. Weta has always envisioned this boat being a single handed and double handed racing boat. The provisions in the class rules have been their since day one. Having the option gives owners the choice to go alone or bring the family and still have some fun...
  15. Nor'Banks

    The future of the WETA?

    C. Excellent summation of where Weta is right now. Thanks for your kind words about me, but I would be remiss to not mention the hard work of all our Weta dealers like Davo, Dick Hitchcock, Bob Gleason, Scott Wilson and our newest West Coast Dealer, George Yioulos with West Coast Sailing...
  16. Nor'Banks

    Best Trimaran Names

    Win, Place & Show