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    Just heard this on VHF16. Anyone have details? I pray all are safe.
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    The Book of Jib

    Many of you have probably seen this before, but I just got it sent to me and gave me a much needed laugh today and thought I'd pass it along, well worth reading all of it: Prayer to the Roller Jib “And on the eighth day God created roller furling, and He saw that it was good." So begins the...
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    Would Larger Rudder Foils Prevented ETNZ's Almost Capsize?

    Someone had to do it.
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    Potential Uses for Free BMWO Mast 4

    Flagpole was suggested in another topic, but let's see what we can come up with... and if it would be worth hauling it away. Re-shoot of the scene in Wind where they all help walk the spare mast in the middle of the night?
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    USA vs. SUI on TV now (Olympic hockey)

    [No message]
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    AC33 RACE 1 Live Thread

    BMW Oracle crew being announced NOW.
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    Capturing the Race

    ... and all feeds including,, sailinganarchy feed (clean's), and maybe, although i think that may just be the feed.