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    Anemometer connection at base of mast??

    Raymarine ST60 suite, connecting the masthead windvane to the boat connection.   Those 5 tiny wires, what do you guys use? Currently have this junction box pictured below, but I need to replace it. I'm fine with the same style box, but I cannot find it anywhere.. any ideas?
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    Delaming wood bulkheads

    Not sure what my options are here.. Thin laminate to re cover the bulkheads?  Any ideas? Water leak has been fixed 
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    resealing cabin windows

    The time has come to reseal the cabin windows on my 1981 Kalik 40.  The original rubber molding that secures the glass to the frame is gone of course.. New plan is to goop it up with whatever the best stuff is...  Has anyone does this recently? What kind of sealant did you use? Glass windows...
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    J24 Rudder + misc deck hardware needed in Miami

    Buddy just bought a 24, no rudder or deck hardware really. Help keep a J24 alive and get another sailor out on the water!!  If anyone has anything local in the miami area, please let me know. Doesn't have to be race ready as he is just learning how to sail.  Thanks! Parts needed  Entire...
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    composite floor boards?

    Looking for a solution to re make an existing floorboard set up on a 38' racer cruiser (mostly racer). Floorboards are typical teak/holly at the moment and have seen better days. About 1/2" thick, so we have some room to play with. Was debating starboard, but another boat I work on has this and...
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    LED Cabin lights

    Going about replacing the ancient halogen brass lights in my cabin for LED ones. I wish I had the space to recess, only have maybe 1/2" between the deck and cabin ceiling.. Looking for white/red specifically. What have you guys done?
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    Canvas steering wheel cover

    Looking for a 54" diameter steering wheel cover. Doesn't have to cover binnacle as well. I've seen the DIY kits, but has anyone just bought one from somewhere?
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    Car topping "heavier" boats

    I've found myself in a bit of a dilemma, as I'm sailing star NA's and sandpiper nationals this year.  Problem is they're both up in mass in September, and I'm in Miami.   My question is this.  The hitch is occupied with the star, which leaves the roof if I don't want to make two trips (I...
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    Pre race rituals?

    I've found that when I just barely make the gun or I'm late to the boat park and barely make it out, I tend to perform much better.... So this means that when I don't think about it and just do it naturally I do better. Anyone else have similar tendencies? How have you dealt with them?
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    Saving an "abandoned" 24

    I got word through a buddy of mine that there was a J24 sitting in a field in the Redlands basically rotting away. Long story, but basically the owner just wanted the boat to be sailed again. I can do that!! I ended up getting it for free, including trailer, decent set of Doyle main and gen...
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    How on earth do I get my foot in the door for deliveries

    Good morning guys. I'm a young kid looking for some guidance (Jobs would be sweet too!!) in the subject of delivering sailboats. I'm 22, sailing my whole life and racing for 12, coaching for 6, yadda yadda. Just recently, I got my Master Captains license and all the various courses needed to...
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    experienced bow, willing to travel

    I'm hanging out for a few months currently, so lets hear if you guys need any crew. 6'4" 165-170 lbs 22 years old 8+ years of bow experience, 36.7, J22, 109, etc. Sailing/racing my whole life I sail Stars normally. Also open and willing and able to do any other job on the boat. Currently...
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    Crew avail. for 36.7 NA's

    My boats not doing it, but I still wanna sail. Experienced Bow, Mast, Pit,Trim, whatever. Sailed with Hooligan in Cape May for the previous 2 years. Age, 22 170 LBS 6'4" Based out of Philadelphia. If I could hitch a ride with someone going north, that would be ideal! I'd also be able to...
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    My slam shorts are starting to break on me, what do you guys use? The gill ones look pretty nice
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    Racing with a broken wirst

    I'm doing mast for a upcoming regatta on a 109. Supposed to be a light air regatta. I recently had a screw put in my wrist (3 weeks ago), and since I haven't been able to use it for 2 months, I've gotten half decent at doing stuff one handed. What do you guys think about sailing/not sailing?
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    Any places that sell Gaastra kit that ship to the US without charging you a arm and leg for it?
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    18 y.o looking for some distance/offshore stuff

    165ish 6'4" 18 I sail Star's (so running backs are no problem), lasers, and J-22's. Compete at a high level in all classes, been to 22 worlds, bacardi cup, OCR, Cork, Orange bowl etc. To start off, I'm looking for a spot on a delivery or even a distance race in the Chesapeake bay. I'm based...
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    Sunnies and hat taken off by rouge mainsheet

    At the weather mark in lasers, a puff filled this girls sail, and her boom/MS went over me. When she flattened out, she ripped off my Kaenon Kores and Mt. gay hat. I did have croakies on the glasses. I suggested she pay for half of the glasses. Is this reasonable? Should she pay the whole...
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    Weather mark rounding

    You are still sailing upwind, and within the 3 boat length circle, and boats that have rounded the mark are going DDW. Who has rights? From what I learned, the upwind boat always had rights because sailing upwind is harder. Maybe thats just the courteous thing to do.