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    Offshore GPS Tracker Suggestions?

    Have a look at Myriota they are doing some great stuff in the ag and research space with multi-year year battery life and 3 or 4 pings per day Ideal for long term yacht tracking...
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    B&G Hydra Processor to / from Vulcan 9 via AT10 - NMEA 0183

    Hi al Can anyone assist with the following B&G nmea question Boat has B&G Hydra HPROD44 3003 cpu (see pics) and I'm trying to work out what manual I need to use to work out the nmea inputs. When I connect my laptop (RS485 adaptor) to the processors nmea pins 21 through to 27 as per...
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    On That!

    After sailing Adelaide to Sydney for the 2020 Race they arrived at the CYCA dock 5 mins before the race was cancelled. John and another jumped on a plane and got out of there to SA that night, and the other guys took the boat up to QLD as that was the easiest option as that is where they...
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    On That!

    Correction to the front page post. They pulled out due to a tear in the main and a total power outage in the middle of the 1st night So they went back to Sydney, and are now back on their way to Hobart with an ETA of 3rd Jan most likely They got the boat from Brisbane to Sydney in 2.5 days...
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    Lithium batteries in Australia

    Contact Rod a EV Power All the EV guys use him as he offer the best prices and he knows his stuff. I've successfully used them in yachts as well.
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    Radio is "busy" when instruments are on

    We have a similar issue that I've never been able to fully diagnose - but mine points towards it being a display that we can't source. But the tips I received at this thread should help Good Luck.
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    iPad for nav

    +1 for isailor I run it on a mini 1 and mini 5 as i find the form factor better.  Now run it on 2 x devices as I upgraded to the mini 5 and the licence can be active on both devices. Prefer to expedition for offshore racing with polars, targets etc, but isailor on the mini is good as a backup...
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    Making Lithium Batteries?

    I'd suggest you're doing it the hard way Much easier to find a local supplier of CALB or Winston LifeP04 3.2v cells in your area who is supplying the EV Conversion market. Then buy some BMS modules such as the ones below and ideally a BCU-NEV to protect you from overcharge and low voltage...
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    VHF noise ONLY on CH 73 - Only with Instruments ON

    Quick update Used an external power source to power up the processor only and still noisy on CH73  Disconnected the devices connected to the fastnet bus junction box and it stops - So time to start disconnecting the power for each display as suggested by Moonduster to determine the culprit...
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    VHF noise ONLY on CH 73 - Only with Instruments ON

    Spent a few hours working on this one and it looks like it's the B&G Hydra processor that's creating the noise. Disconnected the depth sensor and powered up the processor as a standalone device using a live feed from another power source (nothing else was on) and it instantly makes the...
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    VHF noise ONLY on CH 73 - Only with Instruments ON

    Thanks for the tips above. I'll try all of those options on the weekend and see what we find. The VHF handheld if a great suggestion or starters Was going to try the emergency antenna on wednesday but ran out of time and didn't want to to have the panel in bits before we did a windy 27+kn...
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    VHF noise ONLY on CH 73 - Only with Instruments ON

    Hi All Long time since I've posted and looking for a bit of knowledge base help re Ch 73 noise. (Did a forum search no luck) About to do an offshore and regatta later this month and Ch73 is in the Si's - need to fix a Ch73 noise problem. New boat I'm on has lots of noise on CH 73 since a new...
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    Barlow 3 Speed Automatic They also have a lot of the parts if you need them
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    Interpersonal Wireless Comms Aboard

    if this thing is really IP68 tested - it should do the trick.  there are lots of motorbike bits out these days.
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    SuperFoiler Grand Prix

    I was there yesterday on the water and here's a bit of on the water info. People I know who were there Friday night - Said Tech2 caught the finish line buoy mooring line with their rudder - which is what flipped them and ripped the back of the boat off on Friday night in the first race. You...
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    Battery for Tactick Micro Compass uk

    Try someone like this and see if they can make one for you. Flying / freighting batteries is a continuing problem and I've been getting custom battery packs made up for a lot of items by taking it to a local battery company...
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    Tacktick Race Master battery

    Charge it up as per the above might work - but if they've been flat for too long - they might need to be replaced because they're past recovery. I've got set from these guys before - just ask them which ones you need for your unit...
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    decent foul weather gear for women

    I'm interested in the same subject. Does anyone know how well the Henri Lloyd gear fits when worn. My partner is 50kg and around 1.6m tall and we're looking at getting these for her - just for inshores and twilights to keep her dry and warm. Other brands and suitable salopette recommendations...
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    Life raft Rentals for Noobs

    rent v buy Really depends on how often you think you need to have it on-board. Renting is not cheap - but it also means you get a fully certified liferaft ready to use every time you need one. versus buy Where you will need to service it and maintain it (and upgrade it to the current...
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    Where to install instruments?

    Shitty place to put them Best spot is build an instrument pod and put it above the companionway. They can be read from any position aft of the hatch - peoples heads and bodies don't get in the way, you can keep your eyes up and forward, and the risk of an accidental button press is much lower...