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  1. Windward

    Don't mess with Grandpa if he rescues you from drowning. 74 yo man shot 29yo man after rescuing him.   And then his girlfriend pushed him back into the water, and was fished out a second time. Why do I think there is a lot more to this story. No word on the fate of the jetski.
  2. Windward

    SV Seeker splashes

    Finally in the water.   I didn't see this posted elsewhere on SA.
  3. Windward

    Floating a house?
  4. Windward

    Dieletric grease, yes or no?

    Ok,  I'm having corrosion problems with connections.  Boat is stored where it gets salt water spray regularly.  Lots of spray. I use the red CRC spray on battery terminals about 2x per year. All the other accessible bus bars, starter terminals and a myriad of other exposed connections have...
  5. Windward

    Remove ethanol from fuel

    Can this really be this easy?
  6. Windward

    Hackers and Ransomware

    I'm sort of surprised, and not at the same time, that our all powerful governments around the world can't squash these cockroaches. Malaise?  Are they in on it?  Are they all sponsored actors? From granny getting all her savings wiped out to pipeline operators... There is a special place in...
  7. Windward

    A country border dispute resolved without war, conflict or strife

    I got a chuckle over this story. I could totally see grandpa taking care of a problem this way. Problem solved!
  8. Windward

    Anyone we know go missing in Darwin Australia recently?

    I bet it was one of the regulars posting here on SA. But who? Well, at least they are found now, and no longer feeding mosquitos.
  9. Windward

    Makes my marina look tame.

  10. Windward

    I'm in the market for a long bed pickup for work 10-15k

    V8 Gas  Full size 4x4 PU Longbed Standard Cab (these seem hard to find) Steel wheels are ok No lift or mods. Canopy I hear GM has pretty much dropped the ball on reliability. Clean hates his Dodge So sort of left with Ford. Ford is my tentative preference.  What years to avoid?
  11. Windward

    14% of US coastline covered in concrete? This is an article from 2015  Referenced in a BBC article today. This seems really high to me.  What constitutes...
  12. Windward

    US Postal Service USPS

    Hey, have any of you stopped getting mail? All of a sudden mail seems to have stopped.  Even junk mail. Seems really strange. Yes I know that the USPS is having issues.  They have cut overtime and slowing down. Seems really odd to not get ANY junk for 3 delivery days in a row.  (no, it is...
  13. Windward

    Paywall free news sources of value?

    Having a lively debate during the Covid quarantine about USA and world politics, and I've become quite disillusioned with the news sources at my disposal. CNN and Fox seem more like infotainment/pandering.  CNN is particularly bad as it fails to report anything not helping their agenda...
  14. Windward

    Kayak, Sit in or on?

    Looking for a second kayak for lakes and calm waters.  We have one sit in 10 ft plastic cheap kayak that works well.  It is light and sturdy, and that is a priority. Lifetime sells cheap (dare I say disposable) kayaks at walmart if you can find them for $200 for a sit in.  Seems ok. I've never...
  15. Windward

    Dinosaurs have returned

    You have been warned
  16. Windward

    Freeboard, when you know your limits.

  17. Windward

    Hangovers are now an "illness" Just wait till the French embrace this concept.   Paid time off for hangovers. Seems reasonable.  I vote for 2 days off at a minimum.  In home care may be required.
  18. Windward

    Remake of The Princess Bride Some hilarious quotes. Loved the original...  sort of agree that a remake could make a mess. 
  19. Windward

    Backing out in the surf.

  20. Windward

    Sticker placement on hull for slings

    Ok.  Some debate here.  Do the stickers indicating where the lifting slings get placed on the hull go aft of where the slings get placed?  Or exactly where the slings go (so covering the sticker)