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  1. sailingjlw66

    If it doesn't happen in California I guess it never happed on this site .  .  .
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    Key west Race Week

    Other than some guy trying to sell clothing and predicting the weather, is there going to be any KWRW coverage or are they above all of that . . .
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    Top ten things that I HOPE we CHANGE

    Politicians: Term Limits by all means. LBJ was a high school teacher and became a politicians who retired a multi millionaire. Wise investments, savings, part time jobs? I think not. Lobbyists: Who do you think pays the politicians? Attorneys: Most politicians are attorneys so guess...
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    A Generous Nation

    The Times (London) 2050 Headline: The most generous country in the annals of mankind has passed into history because they were the most giving peoples in the world. Europe, the Middle East, and in-country entitlement recipients are still involved in litigation concerning lack of support. . .
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    J24 Wins overall at NOOD St. Pete

    Travis Odenbach and crew on Honey Badger had a 5th and three bullets to win the regatta in a 19 boat fleet. Not much more info out there . . .
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    String Thing

    Looks like a 40' Aquacat. Where's the large styrofoam ball at the top of the mast ?
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    Why didn't SA covering the Womens Keel Boats?

    Sailing, all women, should have been a no brainer. . .
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    J 24 NA's

    Anyone seen results yet?
  9. sailingjlw66

    2011 Sunfish World & Youth World Championship in Curaçao

    I know that it's not in California and only has one hull and a crew of one BUT they have finished nine races and not a word here at Anarchy? David Loring, three time World Champion, is in 5th place and is the first American. Very tough competition, for more information and some good coverage...
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    J80 Circuit Results Austin YC Feb. 2011

    Anyone have the subject results? Apparently AYC is just a little sloooow . . .
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    J 24 Nationals - Top 5 boats?

    J 24 Nationals - Top 5 boats?
  12. sailingjlw66

    Another Nubie of sorts. . .

    I have been watching this site for a few years now and joined in 2008. My name is Joe Wilson and I am 62 years old and live in Charleston, SC; I have been involved in sailing since the age of 10. I helped David Loring, along with 75 of our closest friends, organize the 2006 Sunfish Worlds. I...