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  1. Tomfl

    Nacra 4.5 or 450

    Random comments. As a rule performance beach cats tend to be over canvassed so they usually beat everything in light air but also tend to flip sooner than other boats. On the other hand the Weta (at least to me) is somewhat under canvassed so it is a dog in light airs but once it starts...
  2. Tomfl

    Corsair/Farrier Anarchy

    Re the C27 add I sent an email to when it first showed up and still have not seen a reply. Florida has such a wide range of geography that I guessed it was in Florida but kinda agree it now looks like a scam. As for price I am betting things will get worse before it gets better. When...
  3. Tomfl

    Corsair 36 structural defect? If so, remedied in C37?

    Just before COVID-19 hit I was considering buying a C36 in Germany and asked about the issue of delamination. The story started when a C36 was bashing to windward in blue water for a couple of days or so when the cross beam support delaminated on the main hull. Ian weighed in that this was due...
  4. Tomfl

    Stilleto 27

    I have a soft spot for both the Stilletto an fboats but to a large extent ii is a case of horses for courses. The Stiletto was designed on the West Coast of Florida many years ago and as others have noted it is well ahead of it's time. For what I will call bay sailing inside the barrier...
  5. Tomfl

    Stilleto 27

    Must be the new math you are using to get a 20X20 cabin on a boat with a 20 foot beam. While not quite up to your 40X20 I have a Seawind 1000 that has a bolt on hard top over what is basically a hard deck. There was also a sister ship Seawind 1000 that had what was basically a canvas cabin...
  6. Tomfl

    Multi 23 Question

    As someone with a passing interest in small tris in general and the Multi23 in particular I am wondering about the issue of problems with dihedral on a mooring or at anchor. One of the reasons I am looking at a small tri is to take it camping for weekends (or a little longer) on barrier islands...
  7. Tomfl

    Stilleto 27

    I am reminded of the old saying about porn "I gotta get more flexible to do that".
  8. Tomfl

    What is going on with cat prices

    I spend way too much time on Facebook and lately have seen an increase in the number of what I will call older (1990-2000) but well known catamarans for sale for fairly reasonable prices compared to say six months ago.  Any thoughts on that?
  9. Tomfl

    A Hobie Wave to start with?

    Truth be told plenty of multihulls don't have a boom vang; including Seawinds and Maincats.  On the other hand adjusting a traveler is a very important skill to learn on multihulls.  Not trying to start a darkside/lightside discussion but there are real differences in the skills needed for each...
  10. Tomfl

    A Hobie Wave to start with?

    I have a Seawind and have singlehanded it for several years and over 5,600 miles.  Also have a Prindle 18-2 which is actually not as easy to single hand as the Seawind.  One thing I would note about most beach cats is raising the mast is much easier with more than one person, same for launching...
  11. Tomfl

    War, Interest rates and boat prices?

    The marina where I keep my boat has all the slips full and now is putting boats on the wall that use to be open.
  12. Tomfl

    War, Interest rates and boat prices?

    Growing up my Dad who was a successful doctor had increasingly nice boats which I will always be happy about.  On the other hand my Mom always said it would be cheaper to rent a boat than buy one.  On the other hand I am not sure there is a one size fits all rule about borrowing v paying cash...
  13. Tomfl

    Curious about the market

    As the hurricane season is quickly approaching I am again having a fantasy about storing my Seawind catamaran in a hurricane hole and getting an fboat I can go 55mph to windward on interstate to sail on long weekends (or even a week or two).  Just did a few google searches and it seems like...
  14. Tomfl

    Corsair/Farrier Anarchy

    Just my two cents but I have a very limited amount of experience sailing on a Catalina and much more on fboats.  As many others have posted the learning curve you will be faced with is putting together and taking apart an fboat while with the Catalina you basically just untied the lines and were...
  15. Tomfl

    Transat Jacques Vabre 2021

    I hear peeps like to see boobies so enjoy.  
  16. Tomfl

    Highest speed logged under sail

    13.9 on a Seawind 1000xl
  17. Tomfl

    BOLO! SV Bella Dawn missing between Biscane and Bimini/Bahamas!

    Just as an aside going from Florida to the Bahamas can be one of the stranger navigation problems.  CH5 in BKH broadcasts weather and sea conditions.  This includes things like the location and speed of the Gulf Stream.  On some days it says the Gulf Stream starts two NM East of Sombrero Light...
  18. Tomfl

    BOLO! SV Bella Dawn missing between Biscane and Bimini/Bahamas!

    Read the reviews.  While most are good a few point out they sometimes arrive DOA and have to be returned for ones that work.  I had a different set that was motion activated that simply did not worked but the next set did.
  19. Tomfl

    BOLO! SV Bella Dawn missing between Biscane and Bimini/Bahamas!

    2 Pack LED Garage Lights, 120W Deformable LED Garage Ceiling Lights with 5 Adjustable Panels, 12000LM E26 LED Shop Lights for Garage, Basement, Barn, High Bay Light (2 Pack) - -
  20. Tomfl

    Golf Cart Battery source

    Well the new 105s are hooked up.  Need to charge them up till floating and then relink to the charger.  Taking longer to do that than I thought and it is cold and rainy so I am ready to get back on dirt in my nice warm condo and get in bed and turn on the electric blanket.  Guess I am turning...