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  1. Admiral Hornblower

    Laser Regatta KY

    Cave run sailing association will be running a open regatta on the 24-25 of September on Cave run lake, KY 2022 43rd Grand Annual Regatta – Cave Run Sailing Association I'm a passionate Laser sailor that lives in KY ( probably the only one) anyways, if you live somewhat nearby, please register...
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    AUS SSL Team

    The AUS Team is so stacked its ridiculous!:D John Bertrand Tom Slingsby Tom Burton Kyle Langford Sam Newton Will Ryan Matt Wearn Mathew Belcher Medal Count: 6 Gold 1 Silver World Championships: countless Americas Cups: countless
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    Looking for used Laser Carbon Fiber Tiller

    If anybody has a Laser CF Tiller they'd like to sell, let me know.
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    Erie Open Regatta

    We have 5 Lasers registered so far, but it would be nice if we could get more. Register here
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    Fireball For Sale it's listed at $1000 but I'd be willing to sell it for much less just to get it off my hands before I move.
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    Bar Karate

    Does anyone know what their email is? I'm trying to contact them but I don't do social media.
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    Tragic Passing of ILCA 6 sailor Yikes. that's the first time I've heard of someone dying from be hit by a laser boom... condolences to his family.
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    Caption Contest

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    Laser Project Hull

    1970s Laser hull $100 OBO I raced this Laser last year and when the mast step blew out I never got around to fixing it. Otherwise boat is in useable condition, no leaks, deck hardware was replaced last year. It does need a bow eye and hiking strap though! I'm also including a boom and top...
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    Sailing in Louisville KY

    Much to my chagrin, it seems likely I'll have to move to the Louisville, Kentucky area because of my Dad's job. The only club that seems nearby is the Louisville sailing club. Can anybody that has lived in that area of Kentucky chime in? what's the sailing/racing scene like, more specifically...
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    RWO tiller extension

    I have a RWO Classic tiller extension that I'm trying to find a replacement universal joint for, can anyone that has had one of these tiller extensions before point out a universal joint that would fit?
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    where is is going to be?

    give us your opinion!
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    Gill Hiking pants

    What are your guys thoughts on these hiking pants? Has anybody bought these before? I'm looking for a good quality pair without breaking the bank, and these seemed like a good option.
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    sailboat racing books.

    I'm looking specifically for either books or memoirs of sailboat racing( preferably of the performance side, like Olympics or America's Cup, sort of along the lines of this book: 
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    Youth racing in Tennessee

    Does anyone here know what the youth racing scene is like in Tennessee? Are there youth regattas? I'd appreciate any info you have!
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    Team American Magic

    American Magic needs it own thread now that the NYYC team is no more
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    Laser Trailer Question

    I'm trying to convince my Dad to take to a Regatta that's fairly far away, round trip would probably end up being ten hours. Anyways, his main worry is that the boat might be aversely affected by being in a trailer that wasn't designed for a Laser for so long. Personally I don't see a problem...
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    looking for used laser in race condition

    I'm looking for a Laser in $1000-$3000 price range, I'm more looking for a good, light stiff hull, equipment is not so important. I already have a good sail and mast as well as other accessories. I would be nice if the boat came with a trailer and even better if it came with a dolly, but not...
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    laser mast step repair

    I bet you saw this coming! Yes, I blew out my mast step and have three days to repair it before a regatta. I already have an inspection port handy as well as polyester resin, fiberglass matt and cloth. The mast step blew out were the step attaches to the hull so all I have to do is re-bed it, (I...
  20. Admiral Hornblower

    Can Lasers plane to windward?

    I heard rumors of this being done in Lasers, Laser Radials specifically. Is this possible or is it a myth? This picture almost looks like the bow is planning slightly... another example...