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  1. Burning Man

    Burning This Bitch Down, Part III

    So was driving back from the beach in Socal yesterday and listened to some podcasts on the way home to pass the time. I came across an interesting Fresh Air interview of Tim Miller, a former GOP operative who wrote a book on how he and other enabled trumplecuntskin's rise to power. It's worth...
  2. Burning Man

    Should the DOJ refrain from prosecuting trump to avoid the inevitable violence?

    From an interesting NYT article in my email news feed this am: So if we know that violence is likely inevitable if he does get indicted and convicted - should the DOJ weigh that into their decision making as they go forward?
  3. Burning Man

    Two sides of the DOJ debate surrounding the J6 investigation

    Here are two interesting counterpoints regarding whether the DOJ is dragging their feet on the J6 insurrection or doing the right thing by going slow. Too Slow: Just right:
  4. Burning Man

    The US Anti-Democracy movement - i.e. the GOP

    I thought this was an interesting and informative, if not very chilling article, that landed in my newsfeed this am: View in browser| July 19, 2022 By David Leonhardt Good morning. The anti-democracy movement in the U.S. started before 2020 and may endure for years...
  5. Burning Man

    The "Good Guy with a gun" myth

    Mass shooter at shopping mall taken down by "Good Samaritan. GREENWOOD, Ind., July 18 (Reuters) - The gunman who killed three people at a shopping mall near Indianapolis over the weekend before an armed bystander shot him dead was a 20-year-old local who had a juvenile record but no criminal...
  6. Burning Man

    War in UKraine - When is enough, enough?

    First, mass killings of civilians on the streets in Bucha and elsewhere and now deliberate and indiscriminate targeting of civilian apartment buildings and malls with cruise missiles. We (NATO) went to war in Bosnia and Serbia for far less. How do we morally justify continuing to let this...
  7. Burning Man

    Merrick Garland in the Ukraine to investigate war crimes - Nice thought but.....

    Good on him...... but honestly I'd rather have him home prosecuting our own war criminal here. Seriously, why the fuck is tfg not been charged with sedition, conspiracy, fomenting violence, etc. yet?? Good on the house panel for going after all the low level guys. But they've been fucking...
  8. Burning Man

    Gun Violence concentrated to a small number of US city Blocks

    Well, it's nice that the Liberal media is finally starting to admit this and talk about it. Gun violence is being driven by an incredibly small subset of the US population. June 16, 2022 Continue reading the main story SUPPORTED BY ACCENTURE Good morning. A small number of...
  9. Burning Man

    New SA look after website overhaul

    OK, so I have mixed feelings. I like that the new owners have returned to the previous Web forum layout. That part is mucho better. But the Ad banners top and bottom suck mangy dog dick! Ok no. Worse than that..... it would be like witnessing Bull Gaytor (aka @Fakenews ) sucking a mangy...
  10. Burning Man

    Was Biden's Taiwan comment a Gaff or Deliberate?

    I think it was a good move personally and I think absolutely planned.  Been reading/listening a fair bit about this and I don't think it was a gaff.  It might have been an unplanned remark, but some analysts I've read says it's consistent with his stated previous remarks on the subject.   One...
  11. Burning Man

    Brexit - State of the UK after 2.5 yrs??

    It seems the talk of Brexit has died down in the news, well at least in the US news.  So, for the Poms here - what's the real story?  Unmitigated disaster, better than expected, jury is still out?   My sense from talking to some of my Brit friends is very few of the dire anti-Brexit predictions...
  12. Burning Man

    I'm not comfortable with this

        I don't think the press should be reporting this stuff.  The current climate with the US and the West's involvement in helping UKR is still obviously extremely sensitive and...
  13. Burning Man

    Should Politicians be allowed to lie??

    I saw a bit of thread drift happening over on the MTG Terrorist Cunt thread regarding the ability for politicians to be able to lie.  I thought it was an important enough topic to stand alone.  A recent article that came out has been bugging me regarding the LEGAL ability for candidates and...
  14. Burning Man

    And Elon just made a couple of Hundred Billion $$ more today

    AIR WARFARE, LAND WARFARE, NETWORKS / CYBER, PENTAGON, SPACE SpaceX beating Russian jamming attack was ‘eyewatering’: DoD official “The way that Starlink was able to upgrade when a threat showed up, we need to be able to have that ability," said Dave Tremper, the Pentagon's director of...
  15. Burning Man

    NATO - stop being so fucking timid!!!!

    A bit of a rant here.......  While I do understand the US and NATO's position on not directly intervening in the UKR war for fear of getting into a larger war in Europe - I think NATO is being a big timid pussy for not supplying heavier weapons to the UKR armed forces so they can fight on a bit...
  16. Burning Man

    "The accumulated loss" - the state of the unvaccinated at the 2 year Anniversary of US COVID

    An interesting article about the unvaccinated who continue to die from COVID. I am honestly of the opinion that the 60 million unvaxxed by choice at this point, after seeing the stark evadents of almost 1 million Americans dead in 2 years, are more than welcome to get sick and die.  It's a win...
  17. Burning Man

    Putin launches Nukes

    BREAKING NEWS In a blunt show of Russia’s capabilities, President Vladimir Putin held a test of its nuclear readiness that included launching three missiles. Saturday, February 19, 2022 8:53 AM EST The test came the day after President...
  18. Burning Man

    Buying property in Baja Mexico - anyone done it?

    We're thinking of buying a beach house in Mexico along the coast in Baja Malibu south of Tijuana or similar.  Does anyone here have any experience with the area, the pros/cons of owning property in Mexico, Any pitfalls, etc?  Any decent Sailing down there?   TIA!
  19. Burning Man

    Bitch McConnell says Back the Fuck up!

    Denounces the RNCs censure of GOP critters who voted for impeachment as well as the BS about the 1/6 insurrection was "legitimate political discourse".     I guess Bitch Mac finally got tired of being called a Looser by shitstain.    
  20. Burning Man

    So Filibuster..... help me out here.

    So having been out of the country for a number of years, I didn't pay a ton of attention to the intimate detail of the US political sausage making.  But when the fook did the filibuster because a "just don't show up to work" thing instead of having to take the floor for 24 hours??  Also, I...