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    Help. My wife keeps making me buy boats.

    Nevermind. Whatever. I'll keep buying boats.
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    Trophée Jules Verne 2021

    Spindrift 2 (sail for change) going on standby. Gitana on standby when she gets back from Transat Jaques Vabre (I'm guessing crew training on the trip back to France)
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    Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

    I just read an entire thread about people whining about a boat being named "Short Bus". What the ever living fuck?
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    Clearly N Korea has attacked SA

    North Korea = Best Korea
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    6 of the 60 pages of the obamacare replacement target lottery winners The GOP is stupid. The GOP's supporters are stupid. This is stupid. Immediately find your nearest tree if you think this is logical...
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    Lets keep track of all the important things Trump does!

    Day 1: Bitches about the press Day 2: Lies about his inauguration turnout and blames the press. Did I miss anything?
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    replacing the deck on a 20 foot cc

    Figured I'd run it by the gurus, transom and deck job on a 20 foot center console, gonna do a divinycell core deck. (Plywood where I need to reinforce) What do you guys feel the glass layup should be? Deck area is about 10 feet by 5 feet roughly. 2 sets of stringers per side about 2 feet in...
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    Wreck, paging Wreck to the PUI phone.

    Seriously, who the fuck are half the clowns in here? Snaggy? Ricky? FFS Mikey? What the ever living fuck happened to GA? Where are the tits? Where are the amusing music threads? Soccer (ITS FOOTBALL YOU CUNT) and Ski honeymoon holiday threads? Jeeeeesus fucking christ.
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    Fishing 2016

    How's it going? Anyone catch anything interesting? Any new targets? Anyone else shooting things with pointy spears in the water? We did ok on Tautog last week.
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    Quitting smoking (almost) 1 year in.

    Roughly 340ish days right now. Where are all the quitters and quitters who went back? I should have taken Monkey's bet. ;)
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    I'm having trouble with Poo

    I dropped a goddamn bomb and now ratz wants to murder me. Send help. And beer.
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    I tried a different sailing forum

    It was full of cunts. Not good ones either. I love you guys.
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    Are there any Nacra 20 FCS owners here?

    Anyone? Anyone?
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    Paul Allen to live stream Battleship Musashi tour, in 10min!

    9pm EDT
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    Sydney Hobart start live streaming thread.

    So we all assume Yahoo7 all over again with the region lock (thank you Firefox for having plugins to beat that). We had a couple people talking about re-broadcasting the stream, anyone this time around?
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    Boat ramp morons.

    "Oh, we're part of the regatta." Gee whiz, this is the town ramp, not the yacht club ramp dipshit. You wanna play, you gotta pay. They then proceeded to strap down their RIB/talk/jack each other off directly in front of both ramps blocking any attempt for anyone to launch or retrieve. Couple...
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    Pickup tires?

    Had had BFG Rugged Trails, lots of traction (not so quiet). Currently Bridgestone Dueler A/T's (quiet) Thinking about Goodyear Duratracs, thoughts? Not really concerned about longevity, I'll probably put 10,000 on them in the next year, but looking for a solid all season A/T tire.
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    Bedding thru hulls and a giant transducer... (and sikaflex vs 3m)

    2 new thru hulls (1 1/4" and 3/4") and a 3 3/4" transducer going in my Mako. Probably just gonna use 5200, but any thoughts on Sikaflex products? Any better? Worse? Thoughts?
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    Attn: Wreck

    Wreck to the courtesy phone. Has snaggy told you yet what the foxxe says?