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  1. Somebody Else

    well, this is broken to the point of unuseability...

    any chance we will get the ability to jump to the first unread post some time this decade?
  2. Somebody Else

    has anyone received email from Robert Pavlick, Enthused Digital

    ...claiming to be the new owner for Sailing Anarchy and asking "to open the lines of communication with you and learn more about your involvement with the site." What the literal fuck??
  3. Somebody Else

    iStart Pro (Balboa Racing) automatic race starting system CLOSED

    As a Race Committee person, I have used the iStart for many events and I have been satisfied with its operation and reliability. But Marty has recently discontinued making them. I will treat my personal iStart with loving care but I will also be on the lookout for a replacement when it bites the...
  4. Somebody Else

    PHRF optimization, what would you do?

    This thread mysteriously vanished. What gives?
  5. Somebody Else

    Where is snaggletooth?

    This question has two interpretations: What city/state/country does snaggletooth call home? What is his motivation and philosophy?
  6. Somebody Else

    I Hate Bad Artwork Depicting Sailing!

    If someone is going to stylize sailing in a painting or drawing, is it too much to ask that they do a bare minimum of research so it doesn't look ridiculous? This is from US SAILING, for chrisakes! The main is weird enough but WTF is up with that headsail? Tell us about this hot new panel...
  7. Somebody Else

    Can someone explain this boat construction to me?

    This photo baffles me. The size of the planks look like carvel construction but there aren't any frames. Possibly strip plank taken off a male mold but why are the strips so wide? Why is there no shear clamp or keel timber? The fact that the hull is supported by four jack stands instead of a...
  8. Somebody Else

    Where da Front Page at?

    And in one fell stroke, the forum upgrade has rendered the mythical Front Page even more mythical! I know how to get there, but where da button go? Think of the poor noobs!
  9. Somebody Else

    "Racer Chasers" -- the TV Show

    Last week a sizable film crew from NBC was in Newport Beach shooting test footage for a possible pilot for a series on Beer Can racing, apparently with an emphasis on Racer Chasers. They just used 2 boats for this shoot -- a 1D48 and a Farr40 crossing tacks up the harbor, loaded with bikini-clad...
  10. Somebody Else

    Planning = the thing Rimas will never do. Two "n"s people

    Yes, this is a parody thread...
  11. Somebody Else

    So... How about that Border Run!

    Whew! Phenomenal speeds! 2014 will be a year which goes down in infamy. Post your drop-out time and where you were down the course here: Somewhere around 3:00 pm, still off South Laguna.
  12. Somebody Else

    Wanted: best gimballed single-burner stove with internationally refill

    Subject line says it all. Want a single-burner stove (Jetboil, Mini-Galley, other) with a gimballed mount and fuel cartridges which can be refilled in USA, French Polynesia, Australia, Europe.
  13. Somebody Else

    Bartering for Barging Dutch Barges Banter

    And how much am I bid for this fine example of a vintage rule-breaker?
  14. Somebody Else


    Well at least it's something. Too bad it's the Rolling Rock of Belgium but we should be grateful for anything, right? Too bad we couldn't land a decent Mexican beer as a N2E sponsor. If it's cheap enough, that will go a long way toward living up the parties.
  15. Somebody Else

    Larry Ellison buys Lanai, Hawaii!

    Here's what Hawaii needs and Larry Ellison is uniquely qualified to provide: a world-class marina/yachting center. Come on Larry! You can do it! Link for Forbes article:
  16. Somebody Else

    We're going to Mars bitches! Hopefully they've been in communication with Reid Stowe, what with all his experience in BS. How long you think they'll last up there before the first divorce/mate-trading?
  17. Somebody Else

    And then there was one...

    They ruined the race by kissing the butts of the money countries and that was bad enough. Now only one boat left fully intact. I guess Telefonica is still in the hunt and gaining on Puma by leaps and bounds, sailing over a knot faster as I type this. But Tele has probs too, right? As a buddy...
  18. Somebody Else

    Fortuitous Ad Pairing!

    When I opened the alleged Front Page this morning I spewed coffee all over my kibo when I saw this: I think this deserves a Caption Contest! by the way, I intentionally obscured commercial references...
  19. Somebody Else

    GoLytely / Trilytely Anarchy

    Ah yes, it's that's time. Preparing for another 'scoping. It's been about 5 years; time to get anally violated by professionals again. The night before, I get to drink 4 liters of that vile fluid that makes you pee out of your butt. They give you a choice of flavor packets. Which is the least...
  20. Somebody Else

    Yacht Maintenance Simplified