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  1. ctutmark

    J105 SPL

    Since pole length is measured to the end of the pole, not to where the U-bolt is, the above fitting might result in a shorter measured sprit length if it is replacing the old fiberglass sprit cap that many 105s have. Where the U-bolt is fore-aft might be slightly less but likely not noticeable...
  2. ctutmark

    Installing a new Tuff luff on a new Headstay

    Sometimes I will push the feeder height a little higher to make it easier to hoist and douse jibs especially if they are not well folded. It does potentially create more load on the feeder if one of the jib sheet rope holders yanks on the sheet before the halyard it tight though.  If the feeder...
  3. ctutmark

    Installing a new Tuff luff on a new Headstay

    Lots of my customers like the Wichard one. The larger Schaeffer ones are adjustable to set the gap between the lobes which can be pretty helpful
  4. ctutmark

    Installing a new Tuff luff on a new Headstay

    Having the feeder a bit higher (near the rec. height) will make it easier for your bow crew. Having it low makes it tougher to hoist as well as drop the sail. Add an opening prefeeder and you don't have to cut the luff tape as well as makes reloading the sail to re-hoist a lot easier
  5. ctutmark

    Installing a new Tuff luff on a new Headstay

    Do a fair number on the ground, you must have a secure way to tension the stay. something like a come-along is helpful. Doing it on the ground lets you start at the bottom and then trim the top once you get there. Weather above 50F is also your friend.  If the stay is at the top end of the size...
  6. ctutmark

    Line identification

    Agree T-900. And definitely time to go, replace with something with a quality dyneema core. 
  7. ctutmark

    Sail draft depth position indicators

    Typically the mark is set at 50% of the length of the stripe. Is harder to see but all three stripes in the pic have the mark. If using a camera to then analyze the draft lining up the marks is typically preferred. The marks are typically sticky back nylon or polyester in a color that is visible...
  8. ctutmark

    Sail draft depth position indicators

    Lots of sails have a small vertical mark at the 50% point on the draft stripes. No reason you could not add more but it might start to get pretty busy especially with the stripes near the top of the sail. Here's a North Jib with a black tick at the 50% point 
  9. ctutmark

    Farr X2 info?

    And the bulkhead just aft of it looks like it'll do a nice job of cutting off circulation in your legs when sitting. But it does let a flat panel cover if and form a sort of bunk surface. 
  10. ctutmark

    Hall Paint

    The default white seemed to be Matterhorn White but each boat builder could choose whatever they wanted
  11. ctutmark

    Hall spars/rig pro USA
  12. ctutmark

    Masthead sheave box - converting from cable

    8mm XLS3 may be strong enough but I doubt you will be happy with the stretch, especially coming from the wire/rope halyard. Even with the larger sheave box you will probably need to go with a tapered halyard (dyneema core)  to account for the added bulk of the splice.  For your boat I would look...
  13. ctutmark

    another evergreen containership runs aground, this time in Chesapeake bay near Baltimore

    This one could be another mess. A friend at the Naval Academy told me about this early this morning. That channel is not very wide. 
  14. ctutmark

    Performance Difference Harken Roller Furler versus Tuff Luff Foil

    Locally we did some testing with J120s. Our region (puget sound) is generally flat water so weight aloft is not huge factor in regards to pitching. The boats with tuff-luffs did not have to be as aggressive on rig changes to generate forestay sag. In light air the harken furlers had enough...
  15. ctutmark

    All things minitransat.

    and 4+ sisterships to that boat are already in build.  969 is available for a 2year charter too. Considering that boat is a factory Structures Proto it's likely got everything
  16. ctutmark

    Does anyone have old Clipper/Kenwood Cup info?

    I have some stuff from 94 including a poster and one of the boat flags
  17. ctutmark

    NKE Bus Collisions

    Is the new multigraphic already assigned a device number? You may need to blank it and reassign a device number. 
  18. ctutmark

    All things minitransat.
  19. ctutmark

    Re-rigging process suggestions

    What Slug said. 
  20. ctutmark

    Fattening up a halyard

    best you can hope for with 3-4mm stuffed inside is the line will stay round, functionally it won't be any bigger. Hopefully S Bob won't have to repeat himself again