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    Farr 38 in Santa Cruz

    Saw the boat get listed in the classified.  Looks a lot like Timberwolf which I always thought was a great boat. Whats the story behind this one?
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    Big Daddy Pursuit Race

    Back on the water this weekend with full crew. Clockwise or counter clockwise...which way are you going and why?
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    Special Edition - Wilderness 30 for sale

    Yes, I did buy an ad: Feel free to PM me questions.
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    West Point Regatta

    81 boat entered.    This race is growing quickly.   Last day to register...can we get to 100?   
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    Jazz Cup 2015. Who is going?

    Downwind to Benecia, your only chance this year. Who's in?
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    Wilderness 21 / Wilderness 30

    There is an really cool wilderness 21 for sale in the classifieds. These are neat little boats...but to avoid confusion, the photo is of Domino, which is a Wilderness 30...also a neat boat but not quite so little.
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    30' Trailer for sale

    and yep, I bought an ad. At Richmond YC (Norcal) and needs to get sold ASAP.
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    repainting the cockpit

    Its 40 years old and a mess of various old paint jobs on a modified fiberglass cockpit. I've just done a bit repair and think I'd like to roll on some paint to get everything to the same color. Not looking for a mirror finish or anyhting of that sort, just want to clean it up. What products...
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    Filing In saildrive

    So I've removed the sail drive from Special Edition and now have a large whole in the bottom of the boat. The sail drive mount is still inside the boat and I'm thinking I'll leave it in place for now. Whats the prefered approach to plugging the whole in the bottom of my boat?
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    Saildrive and Honda 12hp

    Current project came with a sail drive and honda 12 HP. They looked bad and had not run for years so I've mentally figured they were a write off when I purchase the boat. After cleaning everything up, the sail drive looked better then expected - no electrolysis but prop is frozen. Engine has...
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    Cleaning Mildew from deck

    Boat arriving next weeks with mildew and stains on the deck. They are rough and will ultimately need to be redone. Short term, whats the best approach to cleaning them up? Anything to steer clear of?
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    Hobie 33 - lifting v fixed keel

    I'm interested in the boats for PHRF downwind fun but wondering if the lifting keel boats would hold up in gulf of the farallons type conditions?
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    The Flash Crash

    pictures,details or denials... I seen a couple posts but no story yet
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    Who's going? Whats the weather? Inside or Outside? Where's the party on friday night? Twisted is in!
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    Midseason Opener

    Long day and good party
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    Mid Season Opener

    Gotta know the Norcal home boyz on No Strings are thinking. Please tell all.
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    Express 27 Class Championship

    Any word from people watching this event?
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    Moore 24 for the Ditch Run

    Join the biggest, coolest fleet for the epic run to the delta. Buy a Moore 24! See listings in SA for the best deal around!
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    Moore 24 For Sale

    check her out at
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    Farr 40 - Morrigan

    Boat is now in Detroit under another name but seems to have spent most of its life in Chicago as Morrigan. Does anyone have info did she do, was she ever crashed, was she kept inside in the winter, was any major work done to address CM issues (deck, top side) etc. Thanks,