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  1. ShortForBob

    The Money or The Gun- Song spoofs

    For all "Stairway to heaven" lovers I think this began way back 1998. In Australia. Taking the piss out of Stairway to Heaven Barry Crocker (Bazza McKenzie) with asides by The Doug Anthony Allstars The Rock lobsters Elvis!
  2. ShortForBob

    Triggering tight arsed Australians

    Now that wealthy countries have got Covid under control with vaccinations, there's looming crisis in countries all over the world trying to deal with the aftermath. The children orphaned. Here's 2 documentaries about children who lost one or both carers to covid and now raise their younger...
  3. ShortForBob

    John farnham not DTS

    Sad when a singer of this capability gets half his jaw removed with cancer :( JF has never been top of my musical favourites but this song is a masterpiece. Good luck to him
  4. ShortForBob

    An embarrassing first for Australia-Climate change responsibilities

    In an embarrassing first for Australia, the United nations human rights committee has found that Australia violated the human rights of a group of Torres Strait Islanders by failing to adequately protect them from the impacts of climate change...
  5. ShortForBob

    Polish pushback on Russia

    Poland's just opened a canal . What does @Ed Lada think? Poland's top leaders celebrated the opening of a new — albeit unfinished — canal that they say will mean ships no longer must secure Russia's permission to pass. Key points: The opening event was timed to mark 83 years since the Soviet...
  6. ShortForBob

    To anyone who opposes lock outs, please explain why?

    Just a bit of balance.
  7. ShortForBob

    Thwaites Glacier Even if one is unconvinced or doesn't care. Some fascinating information about Glaciers.
  8. ShortForBob

    Republic of Jamaica Goodbye Kingston Town?
  9. ShortForBob

    Sweden's turned Right. Right-wing bloc wins narrow majority in Swedish parliament
  10. ShortForBob

    Another headache for Putin. Armenia and Azerbaijan are at it again Azerbaijan reclaimed broad swaths of Nagorno-Karabakh in a six-week war in 2020 that killed more than 6,600 people and ended with a Russia-brokered peace deal. Moscow deployed about 2,000 troops...
  11. ShortForBob

    Music Documentaries

    I don't think we have a thread dedicated to documentaries of our favourite musicians. This one is pretty good. Sadly the Animals music had been removed. Copyright Burdon gives a first hand account of the death of Hendrix about half way.
  12. ShortForBob

    10 million children lost carers to Covid Ten million kids left in many cases to fend for themselves, institutionalised, grieving without support. 10 million. According to the summary of the report, “little is being done to care for children left behind,” and no actual...
  13. ShortForBob

    Mod revival/punk/post punk/new wave

    The Jam
  14. ShortForBob

    Keep passing the windows

    Another "ooops I didn't notice the window was open" moment. How many high profile Russians have windowphobia? Russian oil executive Ravil Maganov dead after reportedly falling from hospital window The chairman of a Russian oil giant which called for the end to the war in Ukraine has died after...
  15. ShortForBob

    Solar lighting for common gardens in apartment blocks

    My daughter has bought a small apartment in a block of 10. The block has very large common gardens in the centre and is open at the back to a park. The carparking is accessed by a laneway which also opens onto this park. The wimmins in the block want more lighting . The older male residents...
  16. ShortForBob

    The Voice. An Australian referendum

    Australia does not recognise it's Aboriginal and Torres Islander people in it's constitution. That may change. We're having a referendum! It stems from a long history of ATSI pleading for a Voice. Finally The wording is in it's infancy. Undoubtedly...
  17. ShortForBob

    Australian fauna will not only kill you, they glow in the dark

    I just stumbled on this. Looking's not just extinct TT's you have to worry about...
  18. ShortForBob

    Not good

    Off to eat worms
  19. ShortForBob

    The insidious theft of democracy.

    Stan Grant at his best. This article is from the ABC and reflects our current situation, BUT it describes something being played out all over the world, especially now under the cover of Covid. I've blocked out most references specific to Australia because it's relevant to all. I obviously...
  20. ShortForBob

    Dust extractor/collector help

    I'm rehabilitating my Festool ROS. I need a new backplate and a dust extractor Does anyone know of a compromise between the above (too small and I suspect they are not good for the sander because they don't suck the dust away.) I don't do enough work to justify the cost of the above and...