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  1. sailorman44

    Depth Sounder Died

    I have a classic NEXUS setup on my boat. The depth readout was working but last Wed night it stopped working. Just dashes. Checked it out and can't see anything that looks bad. It is the older type that has an amplifier for the depth. Checked the voltage at the CPU. Green 11.83, White 7.70...
  2. sailorman44

    Boat for sale

    I posted a boat for sale ad on Sailing Anarchy classifieds. Paid for it using PayPal. Got payment conformation from PayPal. No ad. Waited a couple of days. No ad.  Contacted site administration. No ad. Contacted site administration again. No ad. Contacted the editor. No ad. WTF?
  3. sailorman44

    Cable less Code Zero development

    At the end of the Sydney-Hobart race, Comanche was carrying a huge Code zero. It's foot must be 85-90 feet. From the angle of the video there was no sag in the luff of the sail. So, does it have an elliptical luff that projects to windward or an anti torsion cable with huge tension on it?   Last...
  4. sailorman44

    Information on Saffier Yachts

    Anybody know anything about Saffier Yachts? Netherlands flag in the videos and the contact info on the website is in the Netherlands.  Particularly interested in the new SE 27, smaller sister of the SE 33 and 37.   What is Saffire's reputation in Europe? Build quality? Are they raced? How do...
  5. sailorman44

    torsion rope as structural head stay

    Some time ago, a couple of years?, there was a thread about using a torsion rope as a structural head stay. Anybody remember that? I remember that Railmeat for one had experience and commented. I have searched the forum but have found no reference to it. I am considering changing the head stay...
  6. sailorman44

    PHRF Consistency

    In an earlier thread about headsail adjustments Alex W provided a link to the NW PHRF  rating handbook. A cursory review of the handbook was a revelation in transparency. Here was a PHRF committee telling the sailors in detail how it does business. How base boat rating are derived, the process...
  7. sailorman44

    Glitch on the new front page?

     I am signed in on the forums, can post, access notifications, and messages. But when I try to look at classifieds it wants me to login. When I try it does not recognize my username or email address.
  8. sailorman44

    Definition Please

    In various threads in Sailing Anarchy I have come across references to speciality jibs. At the time I was not particularly interested in the exact meaning, just accepted the name as descriptive. Now I am considering adding a light air sail to supplement my 3/4 self tending jib. In researching...
  9. sailorman44

    Are we(racing sailors) a culture of cheaters?

    "If you aren't cheating you aren't trying hard enough"    How often have I seen those words on these pages? Headlines in the news about sports cheating, Tour de France, Olympics, Americas Cup, J-70 Nationals.   PHRF seems to think so as their second most important activity seems to be...
  10. sailorman44

    Looking for Sabre

    I received the below e-mail from my club and thought that Sailing Anarchy would have a much larger knowledge poo than a local yacht club. Members : See Note below, Reply to...
  11. sailorman44

    Eastern Connecticut racing crew wanted

    Bagatelle is a long term committed racing program. We are looking for eager sailors of every level who want to race.    Specifically looking for individuals who will learn multiple positions, including driving.   We are committed to a mixed crew makeup of men/women, all levels of experience...
  12. sailorman44

    Need a winch socket

    Need a winch socket from a Barlow winch. The one I am replacing was from a Barlow 25 self trailer. It has been re purposed to spin the boom to furl the mainsail on my boat. the bottom of the socket fits into a one inch bore in the mast, slides onto a hex shaft on the end of the goose neck pin...
  13. sailorman44

    Rules Question

    I had my first ride on an E scow last week. It was a breezy, gusty day and I was the fourth, basically moveable ballast. During the race something happened that I have never seen before. We were approaching the windward mark on starboard just below the lay line, not making the mark by half a...
  14. sailorman44

    RANT race compromised by party

    A local club sponsors a costal race. It's a good race, or could be, lots of boats participate, 10 classes, 12 boats in my class. There is an after race party put on by volunteers from the club. I like a party, a chance to catch up with friends that I only see at after race parties. But they...
  15. sailorman44

    How effective is DSS?

    I was checking out Thursdays KWRW highlights on youtube when I came across this video of testing two DSS Infinity 36s side by side. I have been following the DSS concept for about 25 years, ever since a young engineer on my crew, Nick Shada, showed me one of his designs. It included a...