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    Sydney Gold Coast Race 2022

    Starting next Saturday, everything you need to know should be accessible here:

    The Dubinator DTS

    Hearing from usually reliable sources in Honkers that one-time scourge of these Forums, Ian Dubin, aka The Dubinator or the mighty Lord Dubin, has taken his final stroll in the moonlight. RIP dude, you made it interesting...

    Big Ichi on fire at CYCA

    Just watched a vid of fire brigade turning up at the CYCA to fight a fire on big Ichi Ban 60 Fter apparently caused by the Dehummer

    Hobart Southport and BWPS two-handed

    Here you go peeps, from the horses mouth: The Cruising Yacht Club of Australia will accept two-handed entrants into its key events including the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race in coming years, it announced today. The CYCA’s Board unanimously passed a proposal from the Club’s Sailing Committee...

    Karl Lagerfeld DTS

    Seen here in what can only be described as a sailing glove, who knew the famous fashion icon was a sailor? We used to have an Anarchist who wrote hilarious Obits linking famous DTSers with their (spurious) sailing careers - cannot for the life of me remember his name but I know someone here...

    Brooks & Shithouse

    36 years since my first bad experience of this over rated crap, little has changed.  1983 owner came up from his lavishly equipped Nav station and announced that he was now the proud owner of an umpteen thousand dollar B & G clock because his brand new system had failed. He drily added that...

    Looking for omens

    Oracle Team USA is an acronym for TAMA (maori word meaning 'boy'), U LOSE RACE.

    VOR returns to Melbourne 2017-18

    Great news for Melbourne:

    "Lady" Susan Renouf DTS

    Farewell to Melbourne's darling of the social scene, Susan, Lady Renouf or to give her name it's full extension, - Susan Rossiter-Peacock-Sangster- Lady Renouf. Once famous for being the attractive wife of an ambitious politician, she caused outrage and scandal by sinking low into the world of...

    50 years ago

    I was 13 and had done my first ever night race on a keelboat from Auckland up to Kawau Island in the 1966 Squadron Night Race. On awakening early the next morning I looked around the anchorage and grabbed my dads old box brownie camera to record what I saw. There are a couple of historically...

    Bobby Keys - DTS

    Sad to hear of the passing of the great Bobby Keys, definitely the # 1 sax man on the soundtrack of my life. A huge contributor to the sound of the Stones, Derek & The Dominoes, John Lennon and so much more. Keith Richards main man, they shared the same birthday, but Bobby has gone way too...

    Daniel Andrieu designs

    I am familiar with Andrieu's recent excellent work for Jeanneau with the Sunfast 3200 and Sunfast 3600 but I am trying to find information on a mid 1990s production yacht he designed for Atlantic Yachts in Greece. It was called the Atlantic Magic 44 and apparently there are still many of them...

    A few good (bow) men

    I found this deep in the archives, I know it came from SA but it was quite some years ago and it still makes me chuckle... The Bow Speech: Bowman : You want answers? Crew Boss: I think I'm entitled to them. Bowman: You want answers? Crew Boss: I want the truth! Bowman: You can't handle the...

    Sail Sandy Regatta in Melbourne

    If you are from Melbourne or happen to be around at the time, there is a great fun regatta coming up October 19 & 20 at Sandringham Yacht Club for all monohull off the beach classes as well as Kiteboards, SB20s and J24s. This is the first major regatta in Melbourne each season and provides...

    Twenty two - Nil

    Men in Black = Flawless Green and Gold = Scoreless Been a long time since 1986 Best early birthday present ever.

    Living in the 70's

    Over on the Mistress Quickly - whatever happened to her thread I mentioned that I had an magazine article featuring Rob Stirling, Bobby Holmes and John Steamer Stanley. Way down the back of the bottom drawer in the filing cabinet where the light rarely penetrates, I found the pages from that...

    Keith Williams DTS The man who developed Hamilton Island and agreed to run the first Race Weeks there has passed away.

    Things you can do on a 14'


    International Cadet Worlds 2010

    The Cadet Worlds are under way in Puck (pron Pooshk!)Poland and it's great to see the Aussie kids doing so well. Event website here: Go Anton & Julian, Issy & Ben from Sandringham YC.

    Royal motherhood

    Only loosely sailing related, this seen on Sail-World Cruising: "If you fancy the idea of yourself at the helm of an America's Cup yacht, then it helps if your name is Prince William.   The young prince is visiting New Zealand at the moment, representing his mother Queen Elizabeth II and...