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  1. billy backstay

    Trump will be on the Ballot

    OCT 3 • 7M Trump will be on the ballot in 5 weeks He's laying the groundwork for a coup in 2024. Now is the time to stop it. My friends, Make no mistake: Donald Trump is effectively on the ballot in the midterm elections, five weeks from tomorrow (voting has already begun in several states)...
  2. billy backstay

    Anti-Trust Bill Passes!

    This is a bit long, so I didn't C&P, but this link is worth reading. .
  3. billy backstay

    Jamie Raskin truth tells to GOP

  4. billy backstay

    Billionaires Block Student Loan Forgiveness .
  5. billy backstay

    Jones Day - Crooked Lawyers .
  6. billy backstay

    Anti-Trust Laws losing to Judges

    This is quite long but worth reading. I had no idea that United Health Care which is our supplemental Medicare provider has not been a good Corporate citizen at all. Quite the contrary, they have been fined many times for illegal anti-trust actions...
  7. billy backstay

    Trump and McConnel Threaten Violence?

    "Yesterday, Donald Trump threatened that if he is indicted on a charge of mishandling classified documents after leaving the White House, there would be “problems in this country the likes of which perhaps we’ve never seen before,” adding “I don’t think the people of the United States would...
  8. billy backstay

    Corporations support Abortion Ban
  9. billy backstay

    Admin Query - bold-italic etc options inactive??

    Why is the function bar a the top here no longer available?? Okay I fixed that, but can no longer delete this post???
  10. billy backstay

    CNN and Politico turning Right .
  11. billy backstay

    DeSatan news...
  12. billy backstay

    Financial Disparity

    No wonder the young people entering the workforce after High School, Trade School, or College can't afford to work and live in the USA... Warren Gunnels @GunnelsWarren · 15h Average Weekly Wages 1973: $873 2022: $813 Median Home 1973: $30,200 2022: $433,100 Monthly Rent...
  13. billy backstay

    Backpack Blower? Huskvarna or Shroder?

    I read the online comparisons, and none of them agree, and many don't even include popular models. One friend likes her Husky, and a neighbor said his Echo is crap, and his Stihl is good. .
  14. billy backstay

    Robert Reich Reports

    Follow the money! Small donors, big donors, and the midterms Big donors are giving more to Republicans. More small donors are giving to Democrats. Where will this lead? Robert Reich Aug 12 Notably, the Inflation Reduction Act didn’t attract a single Republican vote in the Senate...
  15. billy backstay

    Pols Insider Trading to End Soon?

    About time this was legislated!! For decades now Congress Critters have been feathering their nests with insider info on stocks and investments with total impunity. House Democratic leadership will announce legislation in August banning lawmakers from trading stocks Report: House bill aims to...
  16. billy backstay

    DeSantis Brags on Money He Voted Against!!

    The height of hypocrisy! DeSantis Claus hands out giant checks for infrastructure building as if he is personally giving the money away. FACT CHECK - DeSantis and all the other Republicans VOTED AGAINST this Federal money! Florida should be thanking Joe Biden and the Dems that passed the...
  17. billy backstay

    Lady Lindsey Graham??

    I have no problem with Gay people, but I do have one with hypocrisy.... Who is ‘Lady G’? Lindsey Graham is being accused of hiring gay sex workers People are calling out the Republican senator for his 'hypocritical' treatment of the LGBTQ...
  18. billy backstay

    The Billionaires Club Meets..
  19. billy backstay

    Sinking of Elenora E ??

    This has been on the front page for 3 days now; no info or gossip here? ...
  20. billy backstay

    Former Trolls Returning From Hiatus??

    So, JT, former "Shadow", "No. 6" has returned and now former "Grumpy" is back... Are more of the former shit stirrers soon to follow??? ..