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  1. gn4478

    Best Cruising in Florida?

    What are some great places to cruiser in Florida? Sailboat with 6 ft draft and 75 foot air draft. If you could choose anywhere in Florida, where would you keep a boat? Where would you cruise to from there? East Coast? West Coast?
  2. gn4478

    Pamlico Sound

    I've heard alot about how great the sailing is down in the Pamlico Sound and Neuse river areas. Looking at the chart, it is not clear how a sailboat with a draft of 6 ft and a 72 ft mast would get there from the ocean? The nearby inlets seem much too shallow. Am I missing something?
  3. gn4478

    Simrad/B&G T3 12 volt hydraulic ram vs. Octopus brand: Which would you chose?

    I am upgrading my autopilot. I have a Nac-3 system and need to replace my old Simrad RPU and ram. Baltic 51, 36K displacement Use of autopilot is cruising and deliveries, not when we ocean race. Any reason to chose Simrad's vs Octopus hydraulic linear drive...
  4. gn4478

    Jammer question? Antal vs. Spinlock

    Anyone have an opinion on Antal jammers vs. Spinlock? I'm looking at 3 jammers for the halyards on my Baltic 51. Big loads. Antal - Standard DV jammer for lines 12mm has a swl of 3000 kg. Costs about $700.00. Spinlock ZS jammer 12-14 mm has a swl of 2200 kg and costs about $1800.  Anyone buy...
  5. gn4478

    Covid Casualty or Deliberate Fraud? Not such a Great Circle

    Anyone else have a problem with getting their sails from Brian Hancock’s company, GreatCircle sails? I ordered sails October of 2019. He gave me an unbeatable price for a carbon fiber/aramid string sail. A 140% Genoa form my Baltic 51.  Literally less than half price of the quotes from major...
  6. gn4478

    Will a new traveler make a difference?

    I have a 1985 Baltic 51 with an original Barbarossa traveler. It has 3:1 purchase on each side leading to a winch. The mainsheet has a single block near the end of the boom and comes down to 2 blocks on the traveler car, one port and 1 starboard. The main sheet is lead to 2  winches, one...
  7. gn4478

    Spinlock Clutch Vs. Jammer

    I am having an overhaul of the mast on my Baltic 51. All hardware coming off for a paint job. It is a hood stowmast. Despite this type of mast, I race this boat offshore.  I am looking to replace the vintage 1985 halyard clutches. There is one for the main and one for a jib halyard. I have a...
  8. gn4478

    Ericson 32-3

    Anyone have experience or first hand thoughts about the shoal draft version of the Ericson 32, vintage 1990.  My friend is looking at one in the North East.  He plans on coastal cruising and maybe a trip to the Bahamas some day.
  9. gn4478

    Hood StowAway mast manual

    I have a vintage 1985 hood stowaway mast but no manual. Electric version. Anyone have a PDF? I’m looking for info on how to disengage motor for emergency manual operation just in case. 
  10. gn4478

    Splicing Paraloc Marlin or Pirhana

    Does anyone know how to splice an eye splice into Paraloc Marlin or Pirhana? Nothing on youtube
  11. gn4478

    How important is a smooth bottom?

    Is anyone aware of objective data demonstrating the advantage of a smooth racing bottom that has been wet sanded,....  vs. an ablative paint?
  12. gn4478

    Keel Failure

    Disappearing keel act. Well done USCG!
  13. gn4478

    Solution for attaching the tack of a code zero

    Maybe the "hive mind" can come up with a good solution. The bow pullpit over-extends well beyond the anchor rollers of my soon to be mine Baltic 51. I need a sprit solution for a code zero that would be 1600 sq feet which is greater than the capacity of the off the shelf aluminum sprits I have...
  14. gn4478

    Looking For Crew

    Are you interested in ocean racing? Want to do some distance events? Interested in getting some experience and miles under your keel? After 5 Bermuda races on Blue Note, my Bristol 43.3, we have decided that it would be nicer to get to the Island 1 day earlier. I have purchased a Baltic 51, High...
  15. gn4478

    Any Baltic 51 Owners or Sailors OutThere?

    Hi, I am looking to contact any Baltic 51 sailors or owners out there. I'd like to chat. Thanks
  16. gn4478

    Detachable Inner Forestay + Furling Gear

    Hi, Does anyone out there have a boat with a detachable inner forestay, either a solent or true cutter who also has roller furling gear on it? How do you secure the inner stay when against the mast? Do you like the setup?
  17. gn4478

    Towing A Sailing Dinghy As a Tender

    So I’m headed out for a coastal cruise. Down the Long Island Sound to Martha’s Vineyard. I’m thinking about towing my 14 ft O’day Javelin to have as a tender. As a kid we towed my Cape Dory 10 and sailed around every harbor. I have never towed a Sailing dinghy with the rig up. Has anyone here...
  18. gn4478


    Never did this race/party before. Question: Where do most boats stay in Hyannis?
  19. gn4478

    Best Jib/stay configurations

    I have been thinking about some modifications on the foredeck for short handed offshore sailing. Current configuration is a roller furler on the forestay and a detachable wire solent stay. When cruising, I usually have either a dacron 130 or a 110 on the roller furler. Both are cut rather...
  20. gn4478

    Sailing with a larger dog

    Question for those with larger dogs, like labs and golden retrievers: How do you get them up and down from the deck into your dinghy if you have a boat with a lot of freeboard?