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  1. robalex117

    Buy a drink for the US Coast Guard

    Pictures of the recover of the Mecat 30. South Side Services & Towing
  2. robalex117

    Hurricane Season 2022

    All of Cuba without power. Sure Hemingway marina got nailed since it is on the west side of the island.
  3. robalex117

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Not sure how accurate all this is but still interesting. #1 is way ahead. Top earning sailing channels on youtube
  4. robalex117

    Class B AIS, now that Garmin owns Vesper

    I went with the Raymarine AIS since it has the built in antenna splitter. Interfaces with B&G instrument system must fine.
  5. robalex117

    What boat should I get - if any?

    Geez. Kind of a wide open post. Just do what you want don't listen to us. Or maybe do what your wife/girlfriend wants. And more importantly as a first time poster rules say show us their tits. And if you are a female show us yours!!!!
  6. robalex117

    Wireless Wind Systems

    B&G WS320. NEMA connection. Works with my Garmin displays.
  7. robalex117

    Fulcrum Speedworks Rocket

    Here you go. Short one but having fun. Rocket
  8. robalex117

    Melges 15

    What is the current cost of the M15?
  9. robalex117

    Bilge pump delay control

    Yep these are the gold standard.
  10. robalex117

    Vineyard Race 2022

    Looks like we are all doing the short course so there will be lots of p***y out there.
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    Should I Buy a Beneteau Oceanis 38.1?

    Starlink. It is a game changer for cruisers!
  12. robalex117

    Novak Djokovic

    What about all the people wandering into the USA through Mexico. Do they have their VAX cards and if not are they told they can't come into the USA without being vaccinated.
  13. robalex117

    The Finnish Prime Minister...

    Good chance this video has been posted but if not shows the lady in question having a good time.
  14. robalex117

    Its Complicated

    Maybe it is different in the UK but racing under ORC in the USA the difference in our certificates is crew weight. It has nothing to do with how you sail the boat. It is all VPP driven and my DH and fully crewed orc is basically the same for the all around number. But if you use heavy wind...
  15. robalex117

    Its Complicated

    Interesting under ORC you have separate DH and fully crewed ratings but the difference has to do with crew weight. Sometimes the DH rating rates faster!!! We have a local 230 mile race called the Vineyard race. DH is in their own division like any other division but is also eligible for...
  16. robalex117

    Historic bridge to be dismantled for Bezos’ superyacht

    From the Dutch POV.
  17. robalex117

    2 lithiums instead of 1? SOK batteries?

    One huge advantage of lithium batteries you are not going to get using the DC-Dc to charge is the amount of current they can take during the charge cycle. If your DC-DC charger is only 30amps well that is all you get. My setup they can take 100amps easy. But you do need to change your...
  18. robalex117

    Club Swan 80 (From the FP)

    You can do it in the water measuring how high it floats in the water. That is how ORC gets the weight. You do need hull drawings which for a new boat is no problem.
  19. robalex117

    Putting an asym on a furler

    Don't think it would work well with your sail. It is an A2 which is a large mid girth running spinnaker. Furlers really only work with A3 and Code 0's in my experience. Also depending on the size of the boat snuffers are not all that bad. Bigger the boat the better they are.
  20. robalex117

    Pacific Cup 2022 - 91 entries and waitlist started

    East coaster here trying to follow this thread and waiting to see why Rufless retired. Lots of innuendo comments about the 125 class and questionable ratings. But for those in the know why did Rufless retire?