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  1. sfigone

    Constant Time Race?

    Our club does a couple of 'marathon' races each season, which are really just longer than usual races in harbour (3 to 5 hours as opposed to the usual 2 to 3 hours). But the problem is that we have a vary diverse fleet, it has ranged from a Santana 22 to a TP 52, so even split into divisions...
  2. sfigone

    3Di sail needs a recut?

    I've got a 680 3Di main on my Archambault 32 club racer. When new, the sail was a real weapon. But now after only 2 seasons, it's looking stretched and Norths reckons that it needs a recut?!? Is this normal? The sail has been well used (1 or 2 inshore club races per week), but never really...
  3. sfigone

    Female sailor for the MYC Women's Challenge

    The 19th MYC HH Women's Challenge is on the 22nd and 23rd of March at Manly Yacht Club, Sydney Australia. The event has both all-female-crew and female-helm classes with all kinds for craft from Opt's through to a Farr 40 world champion To help get the girls out on the water, the club can help...
  4. sfigone

    Nigel Holman Race 4 Rum (Manly, Sydney)

    After the success of last years inaugural Nigel Holman Race 4 Rum, Manly Yacht Club will again be holding the event on the 2nd of March as a fund raiser for the Canteen charity for youth with cancer. Sailor Jerry's Rum will be supplying the rum prizes both for podium finishes and also from the...
  5. sfigone

    Crew needed Sat. Sydney, SASC/MHYC sprints on archambault 32

    Hi, I need 2 crew for the SASC/MHYC sprint races tomorrow (1 Feb) to sail on Esprit ( Somebody with a bit of foredeck experience would be good. Call me (Greg) on 0417786631 cheers
  6. sfigone

    Thanks to the sponsors

    I've gone to and clicked through to each and every sponsor and had a good look at their products - they will be monitoring that kind of thing so please do the same if you want to see teams like ETNZ back in the cup next time around. I'm...
  7. sfigone

    Short offshore race during Sydney IFR

    Sydney Harbour will be all but shutdown for the first week of October for the International Fleet Review and there will be no racing on the Harbour on the weekend of October 5/6. Except that MYC has been granted an aquatic license to hold a short offshore cat 4 race on Sunday October 6: Start...
  8. sfigone

    Wind over current when you can sail 2x faster than the wind?

    I'm wondering if you have wind against current going downwind in an AC72, is it better to have more current against you? In races 9 & 10, there was a 1.5kn ebb current flowing against an 18kn breeze, so a boat sitting in that current is going to see 19.5kn of apparent before it even...
  9. sfigone

    MYC Women's Challenge!!

    Over 35 entries have been received for this Sunday's Manly Yacht Club Helly Hanson Women's Challenge - Sydney's premium female sailing event. Entries range through the current Farr 40 national champion, super 30's, cruisers, classics and dinghies. The 15 all female crews include 7 yachts and...
  10. sfigone

    Online processing of race results (TY replacement using TES)

    Hi The TopYacht software is widely used for processing race entries and race results in Australia. The race entry is handled by the TY TES system which provides a web interface (for example https://www.topyacht...php?EventID=201 ) for owners to enter their boats without the need to reenter...
  11. sfigone

    I Want to Crew Bay Area this weekend

    Hi, I've unexpectedly found myself in the bay area this weekend (10-11 December). Would like to crew in race or cruise if possible. I'm mid 40's jack of all trades, master of none. I've got an Archambault 32 back home in Sydney I should be racing this weekend. Call/SMS on +61417786631. I'm...
  12. sfigone


    A PLB is all fine and well if you your boat has sunk, the life raft has blown away and you're happy to wait it out for the helicopter to come and retrieve your body (assuming you're within helicopter range)! But if you've gone MOB and your or other boats are around, then you might want...
  13. sfigone

    Switching from tuffluff to hanks for racing?

    I've got a tuffluff aero on my Archambault 32 grand surprise (, but I'm thinking about removing it and going back to hanks. I'm getting widely divergent views in support/opposition, so I thought I'd increase my confusion by asking for some more diverse opinions here...