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    THE IMOCA thread, single/double handed & TOR

    Jeremie Beyou may not agree. Charal II being more scow than mark 1.
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    All things minitransat.

    I think the current solo record stands at just under 39 days, or ~7knot ave. The mono record is about 42 days @ ~6.5knots (maths was never my strong point, so check those figures). I'm not sure of the record he's aiming for.
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    Lock Crowther Multihull Regatta 2022

    Not sure if the link will work. XL2
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    Final Wednesday of the Year

    An "Adams 10" - A pretty popular design in Aus with some one design racing still happening, mostly in Sydney. Not a bad design for circa 1980.
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    Final Wednesday of the Year

    At the other end of the world it was opening day. I missed this one with other commitments. Hobart:
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    First Flight for an Island Foiler

    Discussed here:
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    Show your boat sailing thread

    30nm solo daysail started nicely, but the breeze died, time constraints meant motoring home. The infamous Storm Bay anything but. Good chance to charge the batteries.
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    Lateral thinking?
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    Older fast Aus multies

    Pretty sure I mentioned her way up the thread.... I have no direct knowledge of her, but remember her from Multihull mags decades ago - her rebuild is spectacular. She deserves an adoring custodian!
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    Who know more about the Aeolos P30?

    That was a good insight into the boat, the sailor, the difficulties in preparation, and the race. Thank you.
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    catamarans with all accomondations on the bridgedeck - reusing ex racers/daycharter Nice concept. I seem to recall flawed execution.
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    Older fast Aus multies

    I remember this was pretty impressive when launched many years ago, but also recall she never really sorted her teething problems. The advertised price probably represents a small fraction of the total cost, but a large fraction of post refit/rebuild value...
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    THE IMOCA thread, single/double handed & TOR

    Thanks. That was really relatable.
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    GGR 2022

    Damien Guillou counts as a "rock star" by just about any measure....
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    Australian Sailing

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    The Official "AITA" Thread

    To be fair you were stand to... "aggravated tone" and "near crash" are subjective, and "hold your course" is a pretty reasonable acknowledgment of your rights and responsibilities and his intention to avoid you. Hopefully all is well that ended well, and nobody proved to be an asshole.
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    Ultime / G-Class Development

    Shorter rig, lightened (and small crew), IIRC C-foils and T-foils... but mostly the weather... she had a phenomenally fast and direct run around the bottom of the planet.
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    Aussie/Kiwi ocean and club racers

    Haven't looked into how she rates, but she's quick. As far as I know, she's always been Prima Donna. She's been in Tassie for a long time.
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    Single Handed trailer Launch of a Keel Boat

    Unless you need to have someone aboard while backing the trailer in, ie, there's no pier/pontoon to launch next to - I can't see any need for an extra set of hands. Most things can be done solo with a little forethought.... as to mast raising, that's another question!