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    .deadbolt fuck

    Our office NAS has been infected by "deadbolt".  Can anyone steer me to a good - trustworthy way to fix it.

    Solar powered road cars

    Having raced solar cars at Uni in the 90s I was very excited to see this modern road registered adaption in the car park this morning....... Yes that's a Toyota Hybrid with solar panels on the roof rack and charging wires running into the boot.  Fuck I hope it is someone taking the piss!

    Computer graphics cards advice - paging SA experts

    I need to buy new computers for my staff.  we do a reasonable amount of 3D modelling in Maxsurf and Rhino a little bit in solidworks and render primarily in rhino/flamingo. Best computer in the office is oldish: 32 Gig Ram, i7-8700CPU at 3.2 Ghz NVIDIA P2000 graphics card   and runs out of RAM...

    IT geek help - storage

    Asking here because i can get an answer from people who think like me without getting a hard sell. Small PC based design firm currently 2 full time in office and 2 working remotely. Moving into a new office to allow the above to scale up a bit.  We're currently using a Seagate "personal cloud"...

    Australian TV coverage.

    Who ever is editing the Foxtel repeats clearly has no idea what’s going on.  Every race shown from 2 seconds before the gun.  Until yesterday pretty much every race was run and done before the footage even starts.

    The most important question in Corona Anarchy....

    Will Australia go 28 days without community transmission early enough for me to go to the America's Cup?  

    results on the go slow

    I can't help but think a couple of states (you know who you are) are avoiding releasing final or updated counts as they don't want to be the one that puts Biden ahead and risk a backlash on their streets.  Much safer to let someone on the other coast announce, get him over the threshold, the say...

    statistics and the truth

    I was going to write this in another thread but it applied in different ways across a few. I think globally the Covid pandemic has shown us how worthless officially published statistics are.  We have countries (cough Sweden) who avoid testing so that they can down play their numbers of both...

    Halloween - the start of the next wave

    So is October 31 going to be a national intelligence test for the US population?  How many million people are going to go do to do with their rats children?

    Batman rugby (not quite super)

    Anyone else spending Saturday night watching the rugby? i only saw a little of the kiwi games but nice to be back.     In Aus, brumbies still have it all over the Rebels for the first 3/4 but looking tired and unfit.  The game might still open up.

    Wonder what the real numbers are in Brazil.

    Just looking at the Brazil data on worldometer.  Scarey shit. Almost 50% strike rate with tests and only 0.4% of the population tested.  Scale that up to the same amount of testing as the US and you have over 4M cases.

    Hey look UFO

    Not the most subtle diversion from 1M cases..

    Corona UK

    Can anyone explain the "worldometer" data on the UK?  Is the data up the shit or is the Queen fucked?

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    So all of Australia turned on the TV at 9:20 last night to be told we can't play football in the park or go to your Niece's 1st birthday party (Prime Minister's words not mine). What a fucking joke. 1. Kids are like rats the disease might not have a big effect on them but they can pass it on...

    Decent sci-fi or fantasy novels

    I read a lot and science fiction and fantasy make up a huge percentage of the fiction part of what I read. Can anyone recommend some good authors outside of the obvious for me to look up. Sci-fi wise I'm a fan of Peter F Hamilton, James S A Corey, Orson Scott-Cards (shadow series and formic...

    Australian Fire rating

    This is our (Australian) fire rating system.  they put these up anywhere there are more than 3 trees within walking distance of each other.  For good reason.  We're fucked! Now here are my issues: 1. Any system where "High" is the second lowest rating has got to be somewhat questionable. 2...

    Gmail help

    anyone one in SA world able to help me with a gmail issue? We're receiving emails ok and sent mails appear to leave (ie move to send mail) but nothing is received.  We're not getting any messages saying email has bounced. I've tried sending from PC (webmail and outlook) and phone (APP) to a...

    Data wiring advice required

    I’m helping the in-laws get their 3 story 20 year old house ready for sale.   When they built it the FIL wired phone lines to every bedroom.  (Teenage daughters at the time).  My question is can these lines be re-purposed for data by changing the plug?  Typical phone line has to wires and a...

    Game of Thrones

    I have a personal Game of Thrones conspiracy theory that when the producers realised what a hit they had on their hands they paid GRR Martin a massive wad of cash extra to not release the final book until the TV series has ended.  He's waited 22 years to finish the series so whats another couple...

    Now the "protocol" is out how many teams do you expect?

    As I read it the protocol makes it basically impossible to raise sponsorship in the short term.  So teams (as is often the case) will have to be built around some rich guy or girl.