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    Autistic Artist

    This is pretty cool, I don't know much about autism specifics, but it seems like he found an interesting outlet for his obsession. "Woodinville boy creates amazing photos with his model car collection"
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    Shilshole Marina fire

    Kudo's to Seattle Fire Dept for their massive rapid response, 2 engine companies, Fire boat, Seattle Police boat with a nozzle on it. 15 minutes from when I called,  to fire contained. No injuries.
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    New throwable life ring

    I saw a blurb about this on TV this morning, it looks like a great idea. No, I'm not connected.
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    Mt. Hood rescue Chinook helicopter

    Holy crap, these guys are awesome,
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    Jump INTO a perfectly good airplane

    These guys are nuts. But it looks like wingsuits are getting a lot better.
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    30 days in 10 minutes Container ship

    Pretty cool video of container ship
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    People that should be advertised

    Just saw this on the news. Most honorable.
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    The most interesting ...Martian?

    This should generate some interesting memes
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    Point Break remake..

    No not that one, this one. Looks good but Swayze and Keanu may be hard to beat.
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    Go Pro falls off skydiver

    See if this makes you dizzy.
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    Who's raced most years together?

    Just a curious thought about the people on this site. Who has sailed with another crewmember longest? Probably lots of IOR oldtimers out there, any one from before that? Bonus points for each team mate. Must be a lot of great stories.