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  1. Matagi

    Is this the best 'Yachting' movie ever?

    Trailer alone is better than many entire movies I have seen.
  2. Matagi

    Next level ugly

    Impressive, Hanse. Never thought ships this hideous were possible, but you rose to that occasion. Bonus points for the 2009-style visualization that made me question if my retina are still in the right place: making your sails look worn out and outdated in a 3D SIMULATION is quite the achievement.
  3. Matagi

    The beauty of mass tourism in one picture.

    Thanks Mein Schiff 4 for making me throw up in my mouth a bit.
  4. Matagi

    Anchored Out: Evicted at Sea | The New Yorker Documentary

    This is not the easiest of topics, but I think people in this part of the forum will be the most sympathetic and sensible about this topic.  So here is a tough topic. Liveaboards -some by choice, most not so much- vs. waterfront home owners and the authorities (I think there was a discussion...
  5. Matagi

    The resurrection of WLYDO - Uma style.

    That's gonna be fun. They are so right, it's all the same, wherever you look, basically. I've just browsed through some late 70ies, early 80ies Yacht magazines and the spectrum of ideas in sailboats is immense, not comparable to today in any way. Mast forward, mast backward, fin keel, twin...
  6. Matagi

    Retrofitting foils to my 1/4 ton

    After doing some calculations, we figured that if we reduced the ballast to a near minimum and increased the sail area, we should be able to make my Kwarttonner fly. As she was due for major refit this winter, we started building the foils in November and used the first warm days in the...
  7. Matagi

    And now *they* are flying too... (video)

    Seems like someone took a bit too much of the steroids and put foils on a Cape 31.  Seems to work not too bad (until it doesn't). Yes, the clickbaiting is strong in this one ;)
  8. Matagi

    Container Ship 1 : Dinghy 0; skipper wet but 'ok' Your take?
  9. Matagi

    This is what laziness gets you...

    Victims of the latest series of storms in Northern Europe.  If it fells massive, decades old trees, what do you think it will do to a standing mast, hm?
  10. Matagi

    Is this even legal?

    Ok, hear me out. Besides the valid question 'should you ink a Hallberg-Rassy in yellow' , it really triggered the question: can you? I mean, legally. Not this one, not an old one. But say, if you have a brand new boat. And you suddenly decide, it's not your colour: Can you have it painted...
  11. Matagi

    X-Yacht abandoned near USVI, 1 presumed dead, 2 rescued by cruise ship

    Cruise ship 'Mein Schiff' rescued two crew from a large sailing yacht between USVI and Anguilla. One was reportedly dead before rescue attempts started, two were taken from a liferaft by daylight by a German cruise ship. Looks like a large X-Yacht to me, XP 44 or 50? Report (in German only)...
  12. Matagi

    What is the 'current' X-34?

    When I saw the X5.6 today, it became clear to me how much X have grown into what was once Baltic / Swan territory. And like them, they have outgrown their former, smaller range of X-99, X-34, XC-35 etc. The smallest they have in store is a 40ft / 12 m. The same applies to almost all larger...
  13. Matagi

    Can I just say...

    ... the system glitch was probably the best thing that has ever happened to this part of the forum. Some of you may have even done something crazy. Like going out, calling a friend, taking a shower, travelling to the Galapagos. Others probably tried to poison themselves. Now, happily we can...
  14. Matagi

    Secret Hallberg-Rassy project

    HR apparently working on a new model, to be presented later this year. Any idea what the size might be? They are playing the teasing game: Snippet looks like it's rather on the larger size range. I would so wish to see a new HR in the 30 ft range. That would be a hot-seller for couples, in...
  15. Matagi

    Vendée Globe 2024

    Yes, we are starting this now ;) For the time being, let's keep track of available boats and with which programme they might end up with, who we think is likely to enter in 2024 (if we make it this far...) and who the lucky sponsor is. Let the rumor games ... a begin!!! Here's what we know...
  16. Matagi

    Every Corona Anarchy thread in 90 seconds

    I can see us all in there... 
  17. Matagi

    What is it - artwork edition

    That deck is a masterpiece.
  18. Matagi

    Tsunami in the Med, following mag.7 earthquake

    This is surely only a footnote, looking at the first reports and videos from Izmir and around. My thoughts are with all affected.
  19. Matagi

    New Pogo 44 first sailing pics

    Looks good to me. Logical next step after the 36.
  20. Matagi

    Eight Bells, Michael Wnuk, owner of 'Marlin'

    Michael sadly passed away in Curaçao, where he spent the last months sailing. He succumbed to a long battle with cancer. He leaves behind his wife and his daugthers, who were born during their voyages.  Michael, a native German, was well known for his books on their journeys in the Americas...