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  1. P_Wop

    "National Un-Cleavage Day"

    For those of us who prefer the smaller look. I will start.
  2. P_Wop

    Spot the 2 deliberate (?) mistakes

    From the Flipper folding winch handle post on FB. A complete marketing disaster. I made the obvious critical comments, but have been flamed solidly. Apparently the sailor (Erik?) is a master at sea and knows a lot more than I do.
  3. P_Wop

    Schooner Eleonora destroyed

    The lovely 160 foot gaff schooner Eleonora, a perfect replica of the mighty Westward from 1910 was sunk in a stupid "accident" in Spain. I have no words. A tragic end to a fine yacht. She'd just finished a big refit, yesterday. The video is sickening...
  4. P_Wop

    Where is Putain?

    Let's try this one on for size. When and where was the last time that someone outside Putain's immediate cadre physically and verfiably saw him and interacted with him?  And how was it proven that it wasn't it a nicely made-up stand-in? Where is he?  Kremlin?  Some secure dacha out in the...
  5. P_Wop

    Lou Varney DTS

    I just heard that Lou Varney left us last night.  Very sad news.  A good sailor, great rigger, and a 45 year friend.
  6. P_Wop

    Cut your damn mask strings when you discard. Killing birds

    Public Service Announcement. Please, please, please cut the strings of your face mask before you discard it.  Many birds are being killed by becoming entangled, especially gulls which like to scavenge on landfills near the water.
  7. P_Wop

    Wordle - who is playing this?

    I was introduced to this new daily game a week ago, and have found it interesting, and sometimes quite demanding.  It's become a bit of a thing out there. To kick off, here's my eighth game result today. Wordle 222 3/6* Who else admits to be playing this?
  8. P_Wop

    Obesity among medical assistants

    I've been in and out of clinics, family health units, labs, hospitals and out-patient facilities 3-4 times a week for the last five years.  I can't help noticing that the vast proportion (!) of receptionists, medical secretaries, nursing assistants, phlebotomists, lab and other staff are...
  9. P_Wop

    Christmas ideas

    Carry on with the theme, you bad people...
  10. P_Wop

    Halloween 2021

    We're embarking on this ridiculous pagan festival called Halloween.  It's just merchandising nonsense. How may container ships stuck off Long Beach are stuffed with plastic skeletons and glowing pumpkins? For anyone who shares this distaste, up with your evil tricks.  I'll start.
  11. P_Wop

    Atlantic drug bust on a 79-foot sailboat

    Portuguese authorities detained 3 crew and a 79-foot sailboat with $232 million of cocaine aboard, over 5 tons of it. OK, guys, which one of you rascals planned this one? BTW, what sort of boat?  Modified Jongert...
  12. P_Wop

    Jane Finch

    Terrible news from Antigua today.  The lovely Jane Finch, a stalwart of the local and international yachting business for many years, and so strong in the community too was brutally murdered in her home last night during an attempted robbery. I have no words. 
  13. P_Wop

    Well, I never knew that....

    After all the years of racing with and against the great Pelle Pettersson, I never knew that he was the original designer of the iconic Volvo P1800 in 1957.  As memorably used by Roger Moore in The Saint.
  14. P_Wop

    Strange, odd and funny gifts

    That gift-giving time of year is looming, so I thought I'd let you strange-minded creatures come up with some inspired gifts for an unsuspecting friend or relative. I'll start.  Monty Python Silly Walk wall clock.⏲monty-python-inspired-silly-walk-wall-clock
  15. P_Wop

    WhatsApp security

    For anyone using WhatsApp I was warned this morning that there had been a big WhatsApp system update last night.  As part of this 'update' your privacy settings have all been changed from "My Contacts" to "Everyone".  So anyone can add you to a group without your knowing, and you can be...
  16. P_Wop

    Bob Cooper sails on

    Another superb character from the British and international sailing world passed suddenly in Cowes this morning.  Bob Cooper was a larger than life character, and was possessed of a remarkable sailing capability and even more remarkable wit.  Happy memories.  Vale, Coop.
  17. P_Wop

    RIP Bob Fisher

    Farewell old friend.  Bob Fisher, aka The Fish crossed the bar today.  A wonderful sailor, raconteur, writer, author and instigator of too many wonderful shenanigans.  I will miss him deeply.
  18. P_Wop

    A Night At The Garden. 1939 Nazi rally in NY.

    I came across this short (6½ minute) new movie.  A Night At The Garden. A 1939 Nazi rally.  At Madison Square Gardens.  In New York.  In the USA. This was while Britain was preparing to fight to the death to prevent Europe and the world from sinking into a new dark age. Chilling and...
  19. P_Wop

    Early Spring cleaning at the White House

    NBC News: White House set to get deep-cleaning ahead of Biden move-in The White House, which has been a Covid-19 hot spot during the pandemic, is set to receive a thorough deep-cleaning ahead of the Bidens moving in on Jan. 20. Government contracts and purchase orders reviewed by NBC News...
  20. P_Wop

    1,900 containers into the Pacific

    Anyone sailing Northwest of Hawai'i had better be extra careful.  The large container ship ONE Apus had a stack collapse and lost about 25% of her deck cargo overboard last week, about 1,900 containers.  Just like her sister ship ONE Aquila a month ago. Come on, guys!  What's wrong with steel...