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  1. Oronoco

    Sausalito sailboat sinks --Dog swims miles to sho

    Local news for me but was also linked on Drudge Report: During big storm, sailboat sinks while at anchor in Richardson Bay. Absent owner comes home and...
  2. Oronoco

    30 foot Sailing Vessel sinks near Golden Gate Alma sinks near Yellow Bluff, early Monday June 2, 2014 Was seen near Kirby Cove (outside Golden Gate on Pacific Coast, Reportedly sank near Yellow Bluff, near in SF Bay near Sausalito. There is a search for a...
  3. Oronoco

    Predict the final score

    In today's Lektronic Latitude: So which team do you think will win the 34th America's Cup? Write your prediction including the final score on a copy of today's paper (yes, they still exist!) as proof of your guess. When the event is over and the winner decided, send us a photo of the paper...
  4. Oronoco

    Ever seen this type of rig?

    This might be a movie prop because I saw it on an episode of Burn Notice. What the heck is it?
  5. Oronoco

    Land Sailing anyone?

    having some fun in Mexico on a 5 mile long deserted beach