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  1. FinnFish

    I'd like to thank the previous owner for...

    Protecting all the winches from corrosion by carefully packing each one with the three types of grease known to man.  Brown heavy duty machine grease, over laid by blue trailer bearing grease, topped off with some form of white grease. Love ya work. 
  2. FinnFish

    This time not in Flordia

    Just a tad creepy
  3. FinnFish

    Ross 830 moulds any takers?
  4. FinnFish

    Harold Evans Pro 28 NZL

    See here someone might be able to help this bloke.
  5. FinnFish

    Can you spot Life Buoy?

  6. FinnFish

    For the head sock puppet

    Normally I don't But
  7. FinnFish

    Wingsuit-man clipped
  8. FinnFish

    Only in Queensland: Burglar used sex toy to beat woman victim
  9. FinnFish

    Only in Western Australia
  10. FinnFish

    The Earth Circles the Sun.........!?
  11. FinnFish

    Vela Sailing Supply....any experiences?

    Gentleman what's your experience with Vela Sailing Supply? Our experience is just pretty average to bloody frustrating. We're still waiting on an order a month n half after it was placed, the only response we can get is 'should be posted next week', 'parts will definitely be here Monday', but...
  12. FinnFish

    SatSleeve - anyone used one?

    Looks like a handy bit of kit
  13. FinnFish

    Brazil's new Miss Bum Bum

  14. FinnFish

    SF Bay please never again!

    It's time admit the venue/course is an abject failure for an AC regatta, small, narrow, constrained, dominated by tide and so one dimensional that passing opportunities appear non-existent. Today you can't even see the marks for christ sake. We have the fastest machines in AC history and we get...
  15. FinnFish

    What the fuck are we doing...............?
  16. FinnFish

    The perfect swimming buddy...........

  17. FinnFish

    Big thanks to Sea Shepherd

    Big thanks to these guys for caring about the ocean we sail on, particularly those of us in the Sth Hemisphere. And before everyone jumps in "I don't agree with their tactics bullshit..........."...
  18. FinnFish

    Diversity @ AC Anarchy

  19. FinnFish

    How many Thompson 870s were built?

    There's short thread about the where abouts of the moulds. But does anyone have a reasonable idea of the number of T870s kicking around Aus? Any actively racing?
  20. FinnFish

    Is this for real?

    Since when did Norths start making cosmetics?! North Sails Cosmetics North Sails Cosmetics is the new range of skin products devised for the needs of sailing and sea enthusiasts. Sun Defender, Age Defender, Touch Defender and Beauty Defender offer beauty protection and performance. All...