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  1. Call Me Boomvang

    I am back!!!

    I am back!!!
  2. Call Me Boomvang

    what is it?

    Upside down Klingon Bird of prey in reverse water mode
  3. Call Me Boomvang

    Non skid options

    Huh? Not on your feet on the foredeck?
  4. Call Me Boomvang

    Tribute to Jan @ 7 PM Friday Gougeon time

    drop in some coins, tinsel, whatever and add a hook or loop sticking out and make a ornament for you tree.
  5. Call Me Boomvang

    Adding an eye to a mast for a boom vang

    I have a climbing runner from REI as the soft bail on my boom
  6. Call Me Boomvang

    Tribute to Jan @ 7 PM Friday Gougeon time

    Oh no! So sad to hear that. I will join in with a batch. Never really met him but I did ask him what planet his sail pod named Strings was from as he raced past ten yards away in this years Chicago to Mac race. He smiled and I don't remember if he said anything back. Imagine the life he led...
  7. Call Me Boomvang

    Indestructible eyeglasses -- do they exist?

    IMHO indestructible means that you break before they do. When the boom kills you, who cares if the sunglasses shattered.
  8. Call Me Boomvang

    Adding an eye to a mast for a boom vang

    Did you know that inmates are able to saw through steel bars in prison with the nylon strings in the waistband of boxer underwear? Keep an eye on it and make sure your attachment does not saw through your spar. Not saying don't do it, just keep an eye. UHMW is slippery so prolly not a worry.
  9. Call Me Boomvang

    Dyneema lifelines, the other end.

    Dux without the pelican gate. You want dux to remain relatively static and tensioned for best properties to endure otherwise it just reverts to regular dyneema
  10. Call Me Boomvang

    Deck restoration advise

    Just to update on progress. Have gotten three techs from interlux and all agree if it is one part paint it will lift and likely cause weak spots in the bond. Some disagreement from them on the filling properties of primer filler but the guy I trusted said the unthickened primer will dry about...
  11. Call Me Boomvang

    Bottom Paint job/stripping old paint

    MFBMF maybe I missed it but I did not see where this was an anti fouling ablative paint. I agree with what you say. If that is the case, I would go with a citrus stripper. Dry Sanding ablative is bad for all the living creatures in the area
  12. Call Me Boomvang

    Bottom Paint job/stripping old paint

    Without seeing the hull, my question is whether you really have to remove all the bottom paint. Flaking is definitely a sign of a poor bond but maybe it is the keel only plus a few other spots that did not get prepped well last time. I would not remove something from the bottom that was bonded...
  13. Call Me Boomvang

    Kiwi Grip

    Teak has natural oils that make it a superior decking material. This same property makes bonding to it hard to make last.
  14. Call Me Boomvang

    Deck restoration advise

    Willie the name is boomvang not boomerang. I will think about it again. Unknowns about the product and lack of a support network make me worried about a "as seen on tv" product.
  15. Call Me Boomvang

    Adding Foot Holds/Steps To A Mast

    I dunno how much throw you have from the main halyard sleeve to the headboard on the sail but if you have any...before I started drilling holes in my spar I would play with adding a dyneema changing strop to the main sail that would hang down from the headboard so you would not have to climb so...
  16. Call Me Boomvang

    Deck restoration advise

    I am dubious that I can achieve a decent uniform texture and thickness and I would need to paint the other areas with something. KG just did not seem to have a system.
  17. Call Me Boomvang

    Deck restoration advise

    Thanks Vegas. The real issue is the paint already on the deck. I had a long talk with a tech at Jamestown distributors today and decided I will definitely need to blast off old paint, fairing will work to fill the valleys and I will roll and tip the two part after discussion the toxic and lethal...
  18. Call Me Boomvang

    Adhesive Remover

    I found the problem with chemicals to be judging how much to use. Acetone and other highly volitile organics tend to dissolve rubber cement to a smear consistency but you just smear it around and can't get it off. Goo gone seems a bit better with a dull blade. I prefer a simple razor scraper...
  19. Call Me Boomvang

    Awlgrip + FSR

    Wet the sides before you start also. Dilution is the solution.
  20. Call Me Boomvang

    Deck restoration advise

    I have a vinylester and pebble grain gelcoat nonskid. It has been pained before by prior owner with unknown paint but my guess would be interlux one part epoxy. After 25 years of hardware moves and a cople core issues, it looks like a garbage scow. I am refinishing the whole deck and pulling...