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  1. romaine

    Where's the news?

    I just recently axed our NYT subscription - it just got too expensive: $77/mo. or almost a thousand bucks/yr. So, what is your favorite news source that comes in under that?
  2. romaine

    Please help

    Sailing Anarchy is fighting for its life. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.....
  3. romaine

    Gun Trajedy ... This is so sad that I don't know what to say NEW FAIRFIELD, Conn. (AP) — A man fatally shot a masked 15-year-old in self-defense during what he thought was a burglary attempt early Thursday, then discovered that he had killed...
  4. romaine

    Facebook - how can I get off this fucking thing?

    I'm trying to remove as much of myself as I can from facebook. Help! Romain
  5. romaine

    Best Occupy Quotes

    Me to, juste licke the man in wite juste getts disappeered withe no explanies! Ime no heroe licke Yossarinian butte enouhe is enouhe. :) Mr. Cleene, taike downe this walle!
  6. romaine

    Occupation: noone will post.

  7. romaine

    What is this occupation all about?

  8. romaine

    H. H. "Dynamite" Payson - RIP

    Just learned that Dynamite Payson died this last March 23rd. I much admired the man and will miss him. Belated condolences to friends and family. Instantboats Romain
  9. romaine

    Electronic Bill Payment Anarchy

    When I send payments from my bank electronically the money leaves my account on the day that I schedule it, but does not arrive at the payee for two business days. I was curious about who has my money for this time and spent a considerable amount of time talking to various people at my bank in...
  10. romaine

    Head vs. Boom

    So as to not hijack and pollute the other thread I'll ask this question here: How did this happen and how do you prevent it? And, no ignorant speculation as to the cause. If you have first-hand knowledge (or reliable second-hand) please do share. Romain
  11. romaine

    Leipheimer decends Pine "Flat" Rd.

    Bike junkies only.
  12. romaine

    Greenbird smashes world record!

    126.2 mph/206p\kph: Old news, but I couldn't find that anyone has posted this. romaine
  13. romaine

    OK sailors, what boat do you have?

    Over on Cruising Anarchy we have a thread like this. Always nice to see what people are sailing. I'll go first:
  14. romaine

    Flying a spinnaker singlehanded

    The What are you saving? topic got me thinking about the subject of this post - a couple of things I'm saving are two spinnakers that came with my Santana 20 that I don't foresee me ever using. romaine
  15. romaine

    I've got some real estate here in my bag...

    Just listened to my vinyl Bookends recently. Started wondering what it all meant. romaine
  16. romaine

    The Future of the US "democracy"

    Corporate interests, its shills, and those who have been duped by them are destroying the US. We have a president that the right calls a "socialist" who is well to the right of Richard Nixon. A single payer health care system is clearly better than the greed based mess we have now - but it's...
  17. romaine

    Racist 911 Caller?

    So the woman that called the heat when she saw, horrors, a black man attempting to enter his home hasn't received any discussion. IMO it's very likely that if this had been Professor X, some tall white guy in the English dept. wearing a tweed jacket with leather patches on the elbows shoving...
  18. romaine

    Downhill Roller

    Until, of course, I saw this video.
  19. romaine

    No Anti-Fouling Bottom Paint

    My new S20 has a really nice hard, smooth paint job on its bottom. I won't be launching it until the end of August and it will probably be in the water until early October. I'd rather not go to the expense and hassle of painting the bottom. I have a wet suit and mask and like getting in the...
  20. romaine

    Topic has attachmentsObama and Democrats in Congress: Any money for sa

    PA on SA Incompetent administrators should have booted this thing over here. Enjoy. romaine