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  1. Proneshooter

    More Stuff in the Water

    From GCaptain: The vessel, the MV Mekhanik Yartsev, reported to the Coastguard on Tuesday that it had lost 30 pieces of cargo during bad weather around 1 a.m. while approximately 20 miles south of the Worthing, England.   The cargo packages are approximately 3-4 cubic meters each and contain...
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    Craigslist Cal 40

    Cal 40 Project Boat - $15000 (Buford, GA)   image 1 of 20                     © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap...
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    Connex Boxes

    Reported in gCaptain today. The MV Ever Smart arrived at the port of Los Angeles on Wednesday showing clear evidence of the dozens of containers which were lost from the vessel during its voyage across the Pacific.  As gCaptain reported previously, the British-flagged Ever Smart lost 42...
  4. Proneshooter

    Shipping Containers

    Irene floated and moved an empty shipping container next to my building (in Charleston, SC) and the water was only two feet deep. I though it would take deeper water to float one.
  5. Proneshooter

    No Big Thing

    5 nurses suspended after opening body bag to view deceased patient's genitals It turns out after looking that it was a big thing!
  6. Proneshooter

    NTSB Report Charleston Crash

    NTSB Report According to the National Transportation Safety Board, the probable cause of the mid-air collision was "the approach controller's failure to provide an appropriate resolution to the conflict between the F-16 and the Cessna, contributing to the accident or the inherent limitations of...