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  1. Slowboat

    Troubleshooting Surging Voltage when Charging - Balmar & Mastervolt System

    I'm at the point where I need help troubleshooting the charging system on my new to me sailboat. Getting help from the previous owners isn't possible, so I need to figure this out on my own...(with your help) Equipment: Engine: Volvo MD2020 House Battery: New AGM 100amp Electric Winch...
  2. Slowboat

    Nexus Instruments no longer seeing Multi XL after system reinitialization * Magnet

    I have an older Nexus system with: NX2 Server Race Box NXR Multi Control Two Multi XLs on Mast Wind Speed display Up until now the system has been working ok, but while trying to make things better, I made them worse. I didn't know if anyone can help? The two Multi XLs had the same ID at...
  3. Slowboat

    B&G Vulcan being replaced soon?

    Like many others, I’m slowly phasing out my Nexus instruments in place of B&G. I also need to replace our chart plotter, and the Vulcan 9” is perfect for our limited needs. They are now on sale at $899, but I’m wondering if it is worth waiting and getting a newer unit next year. Is the...
  4. Slowboat

    105% Jib Sheeting Angle - 8.5 or 11.5 degree sheeting angle

    I'm going to be modifying my sailboat from having a self-tacking jib (85% or so) to using a 105% jib. I also have a 150% that sheets around the shrouds and probably sheets a bit too wide. The goal is to have the 105% jib be a good all around sail, with more power than the 85%, and potentially...
  5. Slowboat

    J/105 A2 needed

    Due to some rigging challenges we need to run a fractional kite on my one-off boat for the rest of the season. I think a 105 class A2 would be perfect. Anybody have one they are looking to sell. Doesn’t have to be perfect, but looking for decent beer can kite.
  6. Slowboat

    Lopolight: the goo came out

    I turned on my navigation lights and noticed the bow light was out. Went to check it out and the nastiest, stinkiest brown goo had splattered out of the light. This stuff smells like satin’s anus, and actually stained the Awlgrip on the boat immediately. I have heard of letting the smoke out...
  7. Slowboat

    Carbon/foam pre-purchase survey: thermal imaging?

    What are the recommendations for a pre-purchase survey on a boat constructed with carbon/foam?  Built as an Epoxy carbon/foam - hull, deck & bulkhead sandwich, vacuumed, and post cured to Hi Modulus Spec. Boat is about 15 years old and seen medium use in a non-racing setting, and is an...
  8. Slowboat

    That’s gonna leave a mark… Tall ship CISNE BRANCO collided with bridge, capsized tug at Guayaquil Tall ship CISNE BRANCO collided with bridge, capsized tug at Guayaquil  Brazilian Navy tall ship CISNE BRANCO collided with pedestrian...
  9. Slowboat

    Defender Marine - Hacked. Watch your Credit Cards

    I got a notice from Defender that they had malware injected into their system recently. Unfortunately the notice was 24 hours after I got a few grand worth of charges from a PayPal account that hit my debit card.  Watch closely if you recently placed an order. No idea how long it was going on. 
  10. Slowboat

    15ft between paralleled batteries in a bank?

    I'm considering relocating one of the two 8D AGM batteries that make up my house bank for better weight placement. They are both currently located under the starboard quarterberth, and I have the room to move one of these up close to the mast step,which would be much better for weight...
  11. Slowboat

    Time for a new Charging System

    It's time to upgrade the charging system on my Swede 55. I will be replacing the complete suite of Ample Power Products, as they have discontinued too many of the parts to keep the system functional. Current set-up: o 160 amp alternator o Ample Power V3 Smart regulator Ample Power...
  12. Slowboat

    Nexus Wireless Wind RSI Values

    I just mounted my Wireless wind transducer on a 55' mast. By moving the WSI box around the boat I can get an RSI value anywhere from 10-22, with 22 being in front of the mast on the port side. It will be a pain to place the WSI box in that location, but if it makes a difference to system...
  13. Slowboat

    Modifying Nexus Wireless Wind Transducer

    I'm in the process of installing a new set of Nexus instruments (already purchased), and I'm using the standard wireless wind transducer. This transducer needs to mount on a flat space on the top of the mast - which unfortunately I don't really have up there. I'm considering cutting the carbon...
  14. Slowboat

    Job Title - Need some help crafting a new one

    It's time for me to propose an update for my job description and title at my company, and I'm looking for help on the title from folks here. I work in the Marketing Department (and report to the director of Marketing (who is the head of the department), and lead all Web Development (5+ sites)...
  15. Slowboat

    Lewmar 55ST Wave Grip Self Tailing Winch help and parts

    Thanks for your help in advance! I have a pair of Lewmar 55ST Wave Grip Self Tailing Winches ( for the Genoa on my Swede 55. A few days ago, I noticed that the stripper arm was hitting the lower crown plate (the bottom self tailing...
  16. Slowboat

    SA needs to build an animated boat Simulator for Rules Questions

    Here's my big idea for the day: We all have questions about the Rules, and it's huge fun to debate on the forums, but without precise diagrams of what happened it's impossible to get to the bottom of many situations. It's time for SA to step up and build a really good animated diagramming tool...
  17. Slowboat

    Search Broken?

    I've been trying to run some searches, and getting no results. Maybe it's time to take a look at the search function and see what's happening.
  18. Slowboat

    Help Diagnosing a Lewmar Sprint 1500 Windlass

    I have a Lewmar Sprint 1500 Windlass on my boat. PDF with installation instructions here: I have the wiring system shown on page 12 of the PDF right hand side. The wiring is very simple: 2 foot switches up on the deck (one up, one down) Deck Foot...
  19. Slowboat

    Craigslist purchase - out of state?

    I found some sailboat parts down in Florida (I'm in VT) on Craigslist that I'm considering purchasing. I'm trying to figure out some way to make the purchase so that I'm protected as the buyer, and not being such a pain in the ass that the seller doesn't want to deal. Paypal might be a small...
  20. Slowboat

    Standard Horizon GPS Chart Plotters?

    I'm thinking about installing a Standard Horizon CP180 or CP300 at the helm. While I'm interested in the chart plotting capabilities, I also really like the Standard Horizon system, because you can input and display lots of different NMEA data from instrument systems. I won't be using the chart...