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  1. Call Me Boomvang

    Deck restoration advise

    I have a vinylester and pebble grain gelcoat nonskid. It has been pained before by prior owner with unknown paint but my guess would be interlux one part epoxy. After 25 years of hardware moves and a cople core issues, it looks like a garbage scow. I am refinishing the whole deck and pulling...
  2. Call Me Boomvang

    The Witch of November Comes Early

    You all know the Gordon Lightfoot song about the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald on Lake Superior in 1975. Right now, we on the "Third Coast" are about to get a low pressure system role across the Great Lakes and on to the East with storm force winds and potentially gusts into hurricane force...
  3. Call Me Boomvang

    Looking for a New (Discontinued) Nexus Classic Wind Transducer

    Our Nexus single tail fin wind transducer now lies on the bottom after another boat's mast grazed ours and did a nice job of instrument cleaning. We realize that the NX2 twin fin will work with the older server, but this is being paid for by the offending boat so they hoped to keep cost low for...
  4. Call Me Boomvang

    Chicago Area III Season on a T10 in 2008

    We have room for one good crew. Competitive program, great schedule this summer including NOODs, Mac, Verve Cup, T10 North Americans plus the standard Area III and Wednesday night beer cans. No guarantees on making the crew for any particular event, but we are fair. If we like you and you keep...
  5. Call Me Boomvang

    Great Illinois Corn Flake

    Apologies if this has been covered. I have actually been working really hard lately and not on SA much. The story so far... Woman finds really big corn flake that resembles the state of Illinois. This is where all the "Chicago Area III" thread partisipants live to help the non-US SAers...
  6. Call Me Boomvang

    Spring Cleaning

    Report your results of what fell out here. You are cleaning your desk so this is not a waste of time at work. I found 2 paperclips, a fingernail, several micro dust bunnies, many bread crumbs, and some other unidentifiable food particles. Yuck.
  7. Call Me Boomvang

    New Movie Treatment

    Alien versus Predator, AVPR. Another Rocky movie last year and now another Rambo film. I want to be the first to suggest that Sly Stallone should do a double role in Rocky Versus Rambo
  8. Call Me Boomvang

    Leeward Mark Rounding Picture

    I am looking for an arial photo of spinnaker boats coming into a leeward mark rounding from the perspective of looking back upwind. I need it for inspiration and perspective for a graphics project. Anyone got something like that?
  9. Call Me Boomvang

    Environmental Job opening, Sailing related kinda

    I actually thought about applying for this job myself but I think they want the person to work from the New England Area. Dont let the job title scare you, it is a start up position. Check out the Board of Directors, you will recognize names. Tell'em Boomvang sent ya! (Just kidding) CEO Job...
  10. Call Me Boomvang

    Perpetual Trophies

    So many OD classes or local series have perpetual trophies. Mostly they stay in the trophy case at the yacht club and get new plaques added every year. No problem. Some travel and are not tied to a location. The problems associated with travelling trophies are quite immense. These things often...
  11. Call Me Boomvang

    Harken Lower Rudder Bearing

    Just an FYI for other people with Harken lower rudder bearings. We developed alot of play in our aftermarket lower rudder bearing this season, so we decided to drop the rudder and pull it out. It came out pretty easily with a long 2x2 used as a drift. After researching, I was very worried we...
  12. Call Me Boomvang

    The Pussification of Words

    In an ongoing series of one post, I ask the question ....What do we do when all the best "slanguage" gets abused and loses all its power and coolness from overusage? I remember just last week when telling someone that they are suffering from pussification meant something. It was hip. It was...
  13. Call Me Boomvang

    Tightening up a gooseneck fitting for boom

    The cast end fitting which connects to the gooseneck for a Kenyon boom (E profile) seems to have developed some play this season. It has a thru bolt and at least two bolts that tap into the casting. One bolts has become loose and keeps working its way out. Plus the whole fitting seems to move...
  14. Call Me Boomvang

    A Fight to the Right.

    It looks like our next W/L race will have a big persistent shift and the course will be pretty long legs. Wind will be light. No current. Assume the line is square. We have good boat speed and pointing ability in the fleet. I would love to be able to win the committee boat end of the line and...
  15. Call Me Boomvang

    Dawg's Auto Accident, Get Better Dude.

    Major Edit. So I looked at the results from the Marblehead NOODS and saw the winner of the Skud 18 class was Nick Scandone and somehow in my mind I got him confused with Dawg and decided to congratulate him (Congrats still in order to anyone that finds the will to meet these kind of challenges...
  16. Call Me Boomvang

    A Tactics Question

    This question is about clear air only. You are sailing on starboard in a one design class in a light breeze and generally want to get left in the first half of the 2nd beat of a W/L. A boat ahead covers you with a lee bow. You are definitely getting some bad air but not choking as they are...
  17. Call Me Boomvang

    Really Stupid Rules Question

    Wireless seems to be the future for marine electronics. A buddy who was Navy figures it would not be difficult to construct a low-watt transmitter to act as an electronic jamming devise on the the frequencies that wireless instruments use. That could be useful, even to just use a blast jam to...
  18. Call Me Boomvang

    Pirates of the Great Salt lake This claims to be an small indy film. I think this might actually be a real movie. The trailers are pretty funny. Wish I had gotten baked enough one night to think of it and spent the next day filming. Boomvang
  19. Call Me Boomvang

    I am irritated with GL36 Class Article on the Frontpage

    Rant On! It is cool to see an article about a new OD fleet in your region on the front page. I am having mixed emotions with the new GL 36 Fleet ( article from 5/9 on the front page and the backhanded mention of my own class, the T-10. The GL 36s are N/M 36 and Mumm 36 that have...
  20. Call Me Boomvang


    Has it been 17 years already? Brood XIII starts next week. One thing for sure, my dog is going to get really fat this summer on these little bite sized snacks with wings.