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    Arrest DeSantis and Abbott: It's a federal crime to knowingly transport undocumented persons across state lines.

    Section 274(a)(1)(A)(ii) of the Immigration and Nationality Act makes it a federal crime to knowingly transport undocumented persons across state lines. Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott should be immediately arrested for as many counts as people were illegally relocated.
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    Tesla Model Pi = broadband everywhere

    This should really change the offshore telecom marketplace......   Iridium who?   Inmarsat what?   
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    Teen Beat - the treason issue on stands now

    Ricky Schroder is calling for the violent overthrow of the US Government on 11/11.     Discuss....   why he is not in jail?
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    Backstay termination hardware

    While my transom is a blank slate I want to go a different route than a chainplate for the (2) backstay attachments points.   I would prefer to put them ON the stern.  So what's the recommendation on a soft loop through hull termination that will take the 90deg perpendicular load?   Boat:  31ft...
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    100 of Team USA's 600 athletes have not been vaccinated.

    100'ish of Team USA's 600'ish athletes have not been vaccinated and are spreading COVID around quicker than VD pre-condom giveaway Olympics.   Murrrica!
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    You get 2 weeks notice....

    US Sailing to Select Two Teams for 2021 Double Mixed Offshore World Championship Click Here to Apply to be One of Two Teams to Represent the USA BRISTOL, R.I. (July 2, 2021) - US Sailing has been invited by World Sailing and event host, Nostra Rosa Regatta, to select two mixed offshore doubles...
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    2024 Olympic mixed-Doublehanded Offshore likely vaporware

    From US Sailing: "In order to keep you as up to date as possible regarding Doublehanded Mixed Offshore racing at the Paris 2024 Games, we want to share some unofficial news. World Sailing has been working to respond to the queries the International Olympic Committee (IOC) raised in December...
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    Winch Anarchy

    Offshore sportboat.   Has 2x cabin top Harken #16 Two-speeds and a pair of #40 Quattros.....   all non-self tailing. I'm redoing the deck and they are 25 years old so I think it's time to replace them.   The 16s have never given any problems and seem to be in good serviceable shape.   The...
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    A collectors dream !
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    Alameda Marina Development Fuckery

    Well after chasing out those who spoke out against the original marina plan years ago, then promises made to many prominent marine businesses that they would be able to stay on the property and would simply move into a redeveloped historic building.   Then January 1 they gave these businesses...
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    Mainsail Bolt-rope Track

    Looking for mainsail (preferably metal) bolt-rope track for a 31ft boat, 39ft Mainsail hoist.    It has an external composite bolt-rope track now that gets chewed up by batten cars in multiple places and needs to get repaired every few years so I'd like to replace it.     Forte thinks the PVC...
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    Long Live the Windjammers Race

    I went to enter the classic San Francisco to Santa Cruz ocean race and couldn't find it on Regatta Network.   Email and then called the club.   Race cancelled.    Lack of interest and cost were quoted.   The race entry count has been up and down over the last few decades and last year it had...
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    400nm+ LongPac

    The Singlehanded Sailing Societies 400nm Great Pacific Longitudinal Race is going on right now. From San Francisco out 200nm to 126'40 and back.
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    Judel Vrolijk Pro-25

    Anyone have any input on this ride????
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    "pioneering electric propulsion systems"

    So I read the article......    what is so special about what they have done to call it "pioneering".    Using an electric motor and lithium battery properly sized to their needs sounds pretty normal.   Anyone know anything else special about their setup?
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    Trump sued by Maryland and DC

    BREAKING: Maryland and D.C. attorneys general have announced a federal lawsuit against Donald Trump.
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    USCG NorCal "Stand-Down" over..... or is it?

    The Stand-Down maybe over but the standing over us like children being watched isn't. Enchance training? What training? The current Safety @ Sea seminars don't cover piloting, wave development, etc. Are we going to have to take courses and tests to race now? I'm cringing..... how the hell...
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    Wanna Race MEXORC?

    Had a few spots set aside for the owners sailing friends for MEXORC but they both flaked last minute. Not easy to line up crew on 1-2 days notice. Got one more lined up and flying in tomorrow but could still use another experienced hand. Who's in ?!? Could have you on a 9:30am...