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  1. Huggy Bear Brown

    Chartering in the USVI's? Better stay in your playpen....

    Just ran across this regarding 2 USVI vessels that entered BVI waters.  Quite short on details at this point, but apparently it has happened.  Here is the Facebook linky to the OP:
  2. Huggy Bear Brown

    Thanks for nothing come the hitchhikers!

    This is a C&P from a Martinique Cruisers Facebook page.....  looks like hitchhiking across the Atlantic on your boat....and probably your checkbook, is gaining steam.....  So far no takers. Hello everybody, sailors, captains and friends of the world ! we are 2 french friends (Amelie 23...
  3. Huggy Bear Brown

    Florida....again.... Looks like she wanted a leg up on him......
  4. Huggy Bear Brown

    Green Jobs in the Golden State - Proposition 39

    Ran across this the other day. I was not aware of Proposition 39 as I do not live in California, but after digging into this a bit one can only roll their eyes. My summary? Progressives talk a lot, but are incapable of getting anything accomplished. They are incapable of any accomplishment...
  5. Huggy Bear Brown

    Health Insurance while Cruising and the ACA

    Looking for input and guidance regarding cruising and the ACA. My wife and I are saying ‘the hell with it’ and we are planning on ending our work lives when I’m 60 and she is 56. We’re selling the house, buying a boat and heading to the Caribbean for a lifestyle that focuses on coastal...
  6. Huggy Bear Brown

    Vanishing Sail Documentary - Carriacou West Indies

    Looks like 'Vanishing Sail' has been completed and has been shown for the first time at the St. Barth Film Festival last week. Was anyone there to see it?