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  1. rlibbert

    Smaller Bareboat Charter?

    Hi all, exiting lurk mode to see what intel I can gather. The wife and I want to go charter something smaller someplace warm in march. We don't need a new 40 footer for 4k a week. We're old boat people and are OK with all that entails. Looking for a something in the 30 foot range and more...
  2. rlibbert

    Inflatable "Dinghy" at Annapolis

    Anybody else see the inflatable "dinghy" at the boat show? Supposedly it planes, and was reasonably priced. Looked like fun, but now I can't remember the name or find the company. Anybody know?
  3. rlibbert

    Eugene Oregon - Sailing?

    Considering a job opportunity in Eugene - any local insight into the sailing scene? Looks like there's some dingy/small keel boat racing at the lake, but what about marinas on the coast? I'm having trouble finding info - any help would be appreciated...
  4. rlibbert

    Experience needed

    So, after three years sailing, racing, and working on my Cal T/2, I feel like I finally know her in and out. That said, I also know where I struggle. The biggest issue is reefing, but I figure you guys can help me. Here's the situation - the boom is on a sliding track and while there are some...
  5. rlibbert

    SUP vs Kayak? (cruising content)

    Right now our dingy is a kayak. While it works for our purposes it takes up a lot of deck space and it doesn't carry much (or carry it very well) and it's awkward to get in and out of. However, I ran across a roto-molded Stand Up Paddle board the other day with 350 lbs capacity, places for two...
  6. rlibbert

    Interior boat foam - Plastic wrap?

    I just pulled all the cushions out of my Cal T/2 and washed the covers. Interestingly the V-Berth foam was shrink wrapped with "breathing holes" on the bottom, but the rest of the interior cushions were not. The shrink wrapped cushions smell much fresher than the non-wrapped ones, so I'm...
  7. rlibbert

    Out with old, in with the Ultra 30 (maybe)

    Thinking about pulling the trigger on replacing my 38 year old Cal T/2 with a Nonsuch Ultra 30 (shoal draft). The T/2 is a lot of fun with buddies out beer can racing, but it's not the greatest family boat. The Nonsuch is relatively huge below, has an obviously simple sail plan, and has all...
  8. rlibbert

    Great Deal! - 32' Columbia $100 Wow - can't believe he has the guts to want to -charge- someone for this (especially since it's obviously under salvage laws even if you did decide for some crazy reason you wanted it)
  9. rlibbert

    Anybody near LKN with mast climbing gear/experience?

    Be happy to rent you and your expertise. I have two screws loose on my sail track and a bulb to replace. Don't feel like giving All Seasons $$$ to do it when I could learn how to do it myself.