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  1. Not My Real Name

    MAGA Foods

    Trending hashtag game on Twitter...cause why not.
  2. Not My Real Name

    Moderation Anarchy...

    Has anyone else seen posts of theirs Edited by moderators? Someone liked an old post of mine from last March. I had no idea what it was of course, so I looked, and saw this on the bottom of it: To the best of my knowledge this post was factually accurate, less profane than a lot of my posts...
  3. Not My Real Name

    Happy 10th Birthday, Logan!

  4. Not My Real Name

    Trump 2024 - The Rules Have Changed

    Folks in a motorhome next to me in here rural Trumplandia, PA are flying a flag like this under the American flag they fly off their Class A. Apparently, this is a thing now. Which begs the question - what rules, exactly have changed? Is sedition and rebellion no longer illegal? Is violence...
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    Wheel of Time Series

    We've got a thread for Foundation...this is epic fantasy like Game of Thrones, but more magic and less gratuitous nudity. Anyone watching it? Anyone read the books? First three episodes just dropped.
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    Trumpaloons Picketing Bill Barr's House

    Bill Barr’s house picketed by Trump supporters — because he hasn’t locked up Joe Biden yet I honestly have nothing to add to this at the moment.
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    The Dog Ate Tucker's Homework

    After claiming and promoting that he had "damning" documents that would prove without a shadow of a doubt that Joe Biden is guilty AF of all sorts of heinous crimes against America, God and Nature...Tucker Thompson lost them. Specifically, they mailed the only copy of the documents in existence...
  8. Not My Real Name

    Hypothermia is a helluva closing argument

    In a stunningly ironic microcosm of how Trump has governed America, he jetted off after his Omaha superspreader event while his campaign screwed the pooch and left hundreds walking several miles in the freezing dark to their cars. Apparently buses were arranged from the car park to the...
  9. Not My Real Name

    GOP Senators Vote to Pack the Courts

    So they confirmed Aunt Lydia in a party line vote (except Collins, who got the fake vote for her campaign). Fuck. Them. All. The SCOTUS needs to be expanded to at least 11, preferably more, if all houses turn blue. 50+ million people have voted, eight days before an election. And Merrick...
  10. Not My Real Name

    Voter Intimidation, 2020 Edition

    Got this today. I knew it was spoofed, so I didn't tell them to go fuck off. Yes, that is the correct address in my voter record, though astute observers will note there is no house at that location in Green Cove Springs. It's something the Supervisor of Elections worked out with my mail...
  11. Not My Real Name

    Congrats Jacinda Ardern & Labour

    Seems they got the straight majority in parliament, National lost seats and NZ First got a giant boot in the nuts. I'm not a Kiwi, but I've spent a lot of time here with Ardern through both of the big crises in her tenure and we've been very impressed. I can't speak as much to their social...
  12. Not My Real Name

    Woman Votes Topless When Told She Couldn't Wear Anti-Trump Shirt

    Sorry, no pictures. She had a shirt that said "McCain Hero, Trump Zero" and was told she wasn't allowed to wear it in the polling place because "campaign attire" was prohibited. So she just whipped the shirt off before anyone could do anything and voted topless...
  13. Not My Real Name

    Pence Attending Fundraiser by Q-Anon Supporters

    Meanwhile, in a story which would be the lead on a day which didn't feature criminally negligent Trump exposing himself and DHS suppressing intel on Russian election meddling because it makes the POTUS look bad... Pence is scheduled to attended a fundraiser hosted by PUBLIC supporters of...
  14. Not My Real Name

    Can Anyone Tell Me What The Hell is Happening Here?

    One minute he's waving goodbye. Then he turns for the helicopter...the marine sees him coming and snaps to attention. Then...WTF.
  15. Not My Real Name

    Multiple Boats in Distress, Sinking at Trump Parade

    Details are still developing.
  16. Not My Real Name

    Just a Reminder as the Campaign Heats Up Check each candidate against each sign and see how they stack up. To be fair, I don't see Trump doing #6 very often.
  17. Not My Real Name

    How Did you Righties Miss Aaron Coleman?

    I'm really surprised none of our right wing morons have jumped on the story of Aaron Carter, a 19 year old Berniecrat who unseated a long-term opponent in a primary in Kansas (the general is unopposed). Then we find out when he was 13 he tried to extort naked pictures from a 14 year old, and...
  18. Not My Real Name

    GOP Platform Release: Whatever Trump Wants

    GOP platform is "All Trump, All the Time, Whatever he Wants." Literally: If you try to use the platform from 2016 or add a Platform to 2020 you will be ruled out of order, period. The platform is, literally, "Trump's America First Agenda." Whatever Trump wants...
  19. Not My Real Name

    There goes a visible chunk of Trump's African-American support...

    *Poof* Just like that, thousands of loud "African-Americans" who support Trump, suddenly silenced.
  20. Not My Real Name

    The MAGA Navy Invades NY...

    Or not... What amazes me is how much energy these goofballs invest in trying to upset liberals. Mostly, they make us point and laugh...