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    Tajima Direct?

    Interesting blurb on the FP. Anyone have firsthand experience with their lenses?
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    Oh damn

    [No message]
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    Boston harbor racing?

    Starting a grad program at BU this fall, what's the racing scene like around Boston harbor? 
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    Is this normal?

    American 737-800, about to leave the ground in Miami, saw this out the window: Can't tell if that notch is intentional? If it is, can't tell why it's necessary.
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    Racing in Rio

    In Rio for the next week on a work trip. Anyone know what the racing scene is like and the best place to try to get a ride? 
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    2018 Atlantic Cup

    11 teams, including a handful from out of the states.  Starts today.  Tracking here:
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    Connecticut-Puerto Rico

    Friend of mine is moving from New London to San Juan, PR this summer for work, and need to figure out how to get his Beneteau first 38 down there.  The move will happen between mid-May to early August, wondering if anyone has input on jumping off spots or general ideas on how to do the trip... ...
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    Green Marine DTS

    Sounds like Green Marine is no more. Anyone have details?
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    Home Renovations Anarchy

    Wife and I are buying our first home. Contract is signed, closing is next month, just had the home inspection done. Couple of issues came up that we're gonna have fixed pretty quickly, but not sure on our priorities. Furnace needs to be replaced, it's 37 years old. Still functional, but very...
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    Racing on Winnipesaukee/Lakes Region of NH

    So what's the racing scene on Winnipesaukee like? Does it exist?
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    how many countries can YOU name???

    I got 196/196 in 5:58, after a few tries:
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    Skiing Honeymoon-Destinations

    Wife and I never got to take a proper honeymoon after we were married in 2013, so every year we've taken a big long trip, and called it our annual honeymoon. In 2014 it was Bermuda, after the A2B. Last year it was France, to see the start of the TJV in Le Havre, and this year it's Hawaii. We...
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    Phoenix-San Diego-San Fran

    Road trip for me starting Sunday. Headed to San Diego to see family, then up to SF to visit a friend. Top sights to see along the way? Best surf and kite spots?
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    Fromstock Filius Cool classic for sale. Anyone got good stories about it from back in the day? Seems like it did at least one OSTAR. Wasn't particularly successful, but still a cool old boat. Obviously not worth any money, free boats are the most...
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    prince of pain-from the FP

    Pretty obvious that the driver of the 32 was at fault. They were the overtaking vessel and according to COLREGS they were the give-way vessel. Also they had clear opportunity to alter their course to avoid the RIB. The RIB did not make any sudden course or speed changes that placed it in an...
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    Chillest Yacht Club

    I'm hereby starting the least exclusive yacht club in the entire world. Send me a PM and you'll be a member of the Chillest Yacht Club. Burgee design forthcoming.
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    Music Video in Zero-G?

    What say the peanut gallery?
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    Can I get a ground speed check?
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    C-130 landing and taking off from a carrier

    No words necessary.
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    Mock the Week