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  1. Steve Clark

    Craigslist Finds

    Enough guarantee with the Vanguard Finn. They were very close to the edge of the tolerances and you had to be careful even when bonding in the hull mold. They are as skinny and low forward as it is possible to be. SHC
  2. Steve Clark


    Why was SUI docked 4 points before racing.?
  3. Steve Clark

    C-Class Little Cup news

    Multihuller on this site was the last custodian of Freedoms Wing. SHC
  4. Steve Clark

    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    The technique of avoiding a windward capsize by leaning back and letting youir body float was pioneered by Carl Van Dyne of the Finn class in the 1960s. It had a cute name but that alludes me at the moment It isn't Tea Bagging and it isn't San Francisco Roll, both of which are also core fast...
  5. Steve Clark

    Early examples of HP dinghys

    I should be in the usual place doing the usual thing in October.  There may be a frenzy trying to get the new IC design done enough to ship to Oz for the WC in January, but there is always time for a yarn or two with you.  Thinking about it a bit, it may be that the practice of suspending...
  6. Steve Clark

    Early examples of HP dinghys

    Julian,  Ben Fuller ha written a piece which was called Blue Collar Boating about those parts of the sport which where outside the Corinthian Yacht Club orbit.  The late 19th century was difficult in that the Yanks wanted to be seen as equals of the Brits and the Brits wanted no part of it.  A...
  7. Steve Clark

    Harmonic in rigging

    I had a harmonic on Red Herring which was very loud.  Stiff wood boat, carbon mast, it was like being inside a cello. Only happened at the mooring, and when you were trying to sleep. The offending bit was the Dyneemma main topping lift.  Solved by putting the main halyard to the end of the...
  8. Steve Clark


    The very same. SHC
  9. Steve Clark


    Specifically: You sailed Red Shift, which was Willy's Nethercot. ( Now called ICOD_)  The  trip involved Oliver and David.  If I recall the boats, Oliver would have been sailing one of the Josie sisters ( called Uncle Walter just to be clear) and David would have been sailing Alice, my first IC...
  10. Steve Clark

    Overheard on the water.... stories welcome

    Just look him up. SHC
  11. Steve Clark

    Rudder gantry as hull extension?

    Gantries on pointed sterns is a bit of a speciality. SHC
  12. Steve Clark

    SailGP Season 3 (2022/2023)

    It takes consistency to make the Grand Final. I.E. to be in the top 3 after 8 events. But once there consistency is worth crap because it is a single very short race. Ainslie was well on his way to the Grand before Sydney. I find it hard to take the results of the final race in Frisco as...
  13. Steve Clark

    Improving Boat speed when sailing on own

    Spend for a GPS speedo. You will be able to self coach by looking at the numbers SHC
  14. Steve Clark

    what is it?

    I spy a Kirby 7 modified for assymetric. SHC
  15. Steve Clark


    It may be a personal thing, but I think a Million Dollar Purse needs to be won by doing something much more epic than winning a 15 minute race. A race that was so short that a single puff made it essentially a walk over. Having it right after the day's racing, where at least one of the...
  16. Steve Clark

    Is LaserPerformance planning a new dinghy???

    Barrack Obama.
  17. Steve Clark

    Paint technique

    I agree with JimC, the best tool is a checkbook and the best technique is to fill in the check and sign your name. SHC
  18. Steve Clark

    Is LaserPerformance planning a new dinghy???

    The English sail where others don't, damp sponges, washing up bowls, open sewers and places where the run horses when the tide is out.  The best sailboats for these venues are very likely not so good in other venues. They have a great club culture and the PY scheme supports a great diversity of...
  19. Steve Clark

    Fulcrum Speedworks Rocket

    Yuloh Anarchy  SHC
  20. Steve Clark

    Fulcrum Speedworks Rocket

     Crazy R reports favorably about using a stand up paddle board paddle. SHC