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  1. Point Break

    True Confessions

    Okay…..confessions are healthy for the soul. Here is the place to get it out. We’ll help you get through it as the space giving forgiving nonjudgemental group we are. No made up ones. Mrs PB buys a snack of various mixed nuts and chili flavored crunchy things called “sweet and salty chili mix...
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    Some People Should Die in Prison
  3. Point Break


    Jeepers……so we stop into my favorite Mexican place to reward ourselves with a cup of pozole after our swim workout this morning. We get there right at 1100 when it opens so we’re seated already as the lunch crowd begins to wander in. I am stunned……not one……not one of the probably 20 people who...
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    So…..I know and have read about Shackeltons Antarctic “exploration” but decided to listen to a new reading of Lansings 1959 book on audible. It’s read by Simon Prebble. Spectacular. Even though we all know the story and likely even if you’ve read Lansings book……..the reading brings a level of...
  5. Point Break

    David McCullough DTS

    Pulitzer Prize winning historian dead at 89. Read most of his books. Well researched and written in a very easy to read style. 89 is a pretty good run though…….I’d take it.
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    ? What Happened to LONQR ?

    It was just there……now I can’t find it? 🤔🤨
  7. Point Break

    Grandpa for 6th Time

    Just delivered. About 3 weeks early because Mom is pre-eclampsia. They waited as long as they could and took him just a few minutes ago. He is over 5lbs and really healthy. Mom doing well also. She had a very rugged pregnancy…..a real trooper. IVF baby. 😎👍
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    Meme Thread Gone?

    There it was this morning but when I clicked it said something about not available right now, then a few minutes later it was gone completely? Did it wished to the cornfield?
  9. Point Break

    Why Ships Crash

    Just watched Nova’s “Why Ships Crash” about the container ship that blocked the Suez last year. Really interesting. Worth a watch. IMHO 
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    Slab Leak

    Just shoot me.
  11. Point Break

    Slab Leak

    I just want to go on record that whatever idiot thought burying all the plumbing in a house in the concrete slab...especially in California........was a frigging idiot. Don't let me catch him in a dark alley (although I'm not very dangerous anymore).
  12. Point Break

    Product Liability in US

    Bought a 6 foot ordinary extension cord. The warning tags were everywhere…… favorites were the ones showing how to plug it in.. zoom in on the green and red one.
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    Medical Technology

    So today I went for the 1 year since Myeloma diagnosis PET scan. (really good news, no evidence of malignant lesions) As I waited and then had the scan I was just stunned for some reason on the level of sophistication of todays medical technology. Injection of the tracer and take a nap in a...
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    Becoming Jane

    Going to see it tomorrow. Will advise.
  15. Point Break

    Golf Anarchy (it is a 4 letter word)

    I’ve been playing about 3 years now - with a not so brief health interruption - and there are numerous things that remain a complete mystery to me. On our round yesterday a often repeated mystery reared it’s ugly head. Why does my 7 wood ONLY go 190 when the water is 189 away?    Why?  :(
  16. Point Break

    Archery Anarchy

    So today we finally took our first archery lesson. Excellent morning. I think we’re gonna really enjoy it. So we’ll be in the market for toys soon. We’ve settled on recurve Olympic target shooting as our road forward. ….and as always Mrs PB has better form, better score, and better shooting...
  17. Point Break

    Canadian Truck Driver Anarchy

    What’s up with the normally level headed canucks driving trucks! 
  18. Point Break

    Winter Olympics

    I hate figure skating. I get it. It’s very athletically demanding. It’s a truly difficult sport. No denigration of the demands or talent……but it’s SO BORING!!! So Mrs PB likes it. Now I’ll sit and read while she watches. That’s fine……she watches stuff she has a minimal interest in because I like...
  19. Point Break

    HB Gordon Lightfoot (yesterday)

    83! Wow that went quick. The song “The Watchman’s Gone” off the Sundown album was my getting out of the Navy song. Listened to his music quite a bit.   
  20. Point Break

    I Cannot Wait to See This

    One of my top 10 people on the planet that I admire. Can’t wait to see this exhibit. Remarkable human.