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    QE DTS

    Age 96
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    Sorry HOBOT they wanted BOOTH

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    Certification exams

    Retook my recertification for my surgical boards. Used to be a all day test for a 10-year certification. Original certification was passing a written exam then an oral exam the next year. Now a 40 question exam needing an 80% pass rate, which is good for two years. However it is an open book...
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    Any hear from DA WOODY
  5. burndoc

    Any hear from DA WOODY
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    Can't Trust Anyone

    Recently I leased a new SUV. Noticed the speedometer was reading over speed. Going through some areas "with your speed is" also showed about 10% over on speedometer. Went to get my plates and mentioned to service guy who said common practice to keep people from sending tickets to BMW if it was...
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    Careful with your gas

    Sorry for image. Couldn’t rotate on my phone. Two gas fires recently in my area. One in the marina I am at. Be careful
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    Seasickness Remedies

    i would like to know what works well for you guys. My wife has a tough time and always takes Dramamine before flights, boats, whatever. I get it very rarely. Last time a few years ago fishing off Cabo.  I think rough seas, smell and not being able to look forward combined to cause a problem. I...
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    Chesapeake Collision. Any follow up?

    In the summer when the fishing boat ran up on the J-boat, Is there any follow up? Couldn't find the thread,
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    Three Sheets to the Wind

    Where does this expression get its meaning? Has to be nautical correct?
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    Boat rentals in Ithaca NY

    My son graduates in May. Would like to get out on the lake with a few people. Anyone have info on rentals?
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    Bob Bitchin is back

    Received a free copy of the new magazine from Bitchin. Looks much like the old magazine from five years ago. Anybody else get it?
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    Uber tipping

    New to its use as I usually drive everywhere. This weekend I started using when visiting a college town with my son. My older son says no tip in the area. A couple of bucks if they take you at the airport. I did two for city runs less than a mile and gave the driver five after airport. The...
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    Miami Hope it works Classic
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    Happy B-Day DA WOODY

    Just saw on sidebar. Ready for social security.
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    Shay or Helga

    Tough choice. Classic Friday or contemporary?
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    Force Awakens. No spoilers

    I saw with my boys today. I remember seeing the first as a kid. Good mix of old and new. I felt like I did when I saw the first one. Good job J. J.
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    Into the Black

    From the front page story, rightfully we should never get too stuffy, but i do understand what he is getting at. What is wrong with dressing nice and looking presentable. Most people dress like slobs. People have the pants below their hips, they wear pajama pants and slippers to the store...
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    How does this place keep getting better? 300 pound marlin yesterday. Ate at En Vita, best Italian food I have ever had outside Italy. I don't want to go home
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    Naval Battles in the Chesapeake?

    Was having a discussion about the Civil War while on the Delaware River and the topic came up about the Chesapeake. I and my crew couldn't think of any. Where there any large engagements there? By the way it was before our second beer.