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  1. SimonGH

    B&G Sail Steer adjustments?

    Ok, it seems like getting an H5000 processor or similar in the system is one way of doing it, but i'm trying to understand if there is any "adjustment" to the sailsteer display to optimize it for my boat (i.e. polar settings). I have a Vulcan 12R. For example, the "stock" layline display on...
  2. SimonGH

    Currently near Lisbon, PT - good chandlery in the area?

    Hi Folks Currently near Lisbon and interested in picking up some european specific parts to bring home with me (particularly electrical systems). Any recommendations for good chandlerys / electrical parts suppliers nearby? Thanks! Simon
  3. SimonGH


    I just installed a Halo 20+ I have a Vulcan 12R Also in the system is a ZG100 and an FC40 MARPA requires a "rate stabilized heading sensor" putting out a signal at 20hz. Simrad says the ZG100 is definitely not good enough, and they mention the RC42, but don't talk about the FC40... Does the...
  4. SimonGH

    Heel angle reading calibration

    My 2014 boat has a B&G / Simrad based electronics system, with an AC12 autopilot computer. I don't believe it has a precision 9 unit, looks to be a GPS antenna and a flux compass. The heel reading is off - way off. Sitting at the dock it says 9 degrees. In the B&G system you can set an offset...
  5. SimonGH

    N2K expert question

    OK, Need an N2K network expert for advice in troubleshooting: 1. I have a new B&G 508 wind sensor. Prior windsensor was damaged under a bridge by the previous owner, and late last year before I bought the boat, I hoisted him to the top of the mast and we replaced it, and it functions normally...
  6. SimonGH

    Shot in the dark - anyone worked on a HANSE 415

    I'm completely stuck. I consider myself a pretty capable installer.  I've done lots of different installs on a few different boats.  New electronics, water heaters, radars, bow thrusters, inverters, solar, etc.  I've done lots of things from electrical to plumbing to structural. Now I am...
  7. SimonGH

    choices... epoxy primer or petit running gear guardian primer

    ok, so I have a brand new saildrive, since we discovered massive corrosion during my purchase survey on the old one.  We've fixed the bonding isolation issue that was the likely culprit, so now I've got a shiny new saildrive with just the factory finish (I assume it's primer?)  Before we launch...
  8. SimonGH

    Water-based bottom paint

    I have been successfully using Petit HRT Unepoxy in my region (CT Sound) for the last several years.  It works well, goes on easily, and is reasonable cost. I'm ready to buy my paint for this season and I'm curious about the "neptune" version of HRT that is water-based.  Theoretically once the...
  9. SimonGH

    Fiberglass work on CT shoreline

    Can anyone recommend someone on the CT shoreline (or willing to come to CT) that could help me with the fiberglass work associated with the install of a retractable bow thruster? I am quite capable of doing the rest of the install, but I’d love someone more experienced to help with glassing the...
  10. SimonGH

    External Thruster?

    ok - let's assume I'm not here to debate whether I need a bow thruster or not, and assume I want one for a variety of reasons. My "new to me" Hanse 415 has a very shallow bow, such that the factory fits a retractable thruster.  I've measured it all up, and it does not appear that I can put a...
  11. SimonGH

    Chinese electric outboard?

    Has anyone got any experience with one of these? I really don't want to spend thousands on a torqueedo... But then the batteries.
  12. SimonGH

    Chart brands - what are people using?

    Navionics C-Map Garmin? Raymarine Lighthouse open source (like openCPN) What are people using?  I have traditionally used Navionics on my B&G hardware, but B&G seems to have a relationship with C-MAP (At least here in the US) and their Android App is pretty nice (using C-MAP). ...
  13. SimonGH

    Running rigging equivalency chart

    I have 2 reefing lines and a main Halyard that needs replacement on my Hanse 415. The Hanse manual states: Main Halyard - Liros Dynamic Plus 12mm Reef 1 & 2 - Liros Top Cruising 10mm Liros line is a bit more challenging to get in the US, the popular lines around here are New England...
  14. SimonGH

    Best ideas for neutral pivot point on Hanse 415

    So for single handed docking, on my B351 and B41.1 I was able to use the midship cleat with a "magic spring line" that allowed me to easily dock single handed in my home slip.  Basically I ran a long dock line loop from the middle cleat, and by dropping that loop over a dock cleat that was aft...
  15. SimonGH

    Pod or no Pod?

    I'm looking at replacing the MFD in the scanpod on my center table (dual helm Hanse 415).  Originally the boat came with a Zeus 12, the PO replaced that with a Zeus2 9" using an additional plastic plate to cover the bigger hole.   If I go back to a Zeus3S 12", I believe it should closely fit...
  16. SimonGH

    Galvanic corrosion primer

    So I'm in the process of buying a new (to me) boat, and the current owner recently discovered severe corrosion on the aluminum sail drive (to the point where pitting corrosion perforated the drive and water replaced oil inside).   The hull and drive zincs were extensively eroded, but not gone...
  17. SimonGH

    What B&G product is this?

    Looking at a Hanse 415. What is this B&G product?   It’s associated with the autopilot.
  18. SimonGH

    Sail specific MFDs

    I've got a lot of exposure to B&G products on my current boat, but I may be moving to a new (to me) boat that needs some electronic upgrades.  At least 1 large MFD, some smaller displays (dual helm) and probably something in the salon. So who out there is using something other than B&G...
  19. SimonGH

    Low power dehumidification on Solar?

    I'm working to create a solution for a friend who is getting a 40' boat and keeping it on a mooring.  He was hoping to dehumidify the boat, keep the fridge running, and keep the batteries charged.  He is in NJ. We have 4x 110w Sunpower flex solar cells and 2x Victron 75/15 MPPT charge...
  20. SimonGH

    Hydraulic system for thruster?

    I'm researching the install of a hydraulic bow thruster, primarily to keep weight down in the bow and for space reasons (there is no where to put the batteries) I know there will be some who say "you don't need a thruster", but lets assume I've done the trade, sailed with and without one, and...