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  1. toddster

    Sailing log book

    Ah, but what about when they prefer an interpretive dance? I understand that there’s notation for that but I don’t grok it.
  2. toddster

    Materials Science

    I used 1/8" ABS sheeting for bypass doors. Very light weight, but black. The tracks are slightly curved to create a little friction and prevent rattling or self-opening. Vinyl screw-down tracks can be ordered from Rockler or Amazon but after messing with the stuff, if I still had a table saw...
  3. toddster

    Backyard Liveaboard

    The boat has always been my fallback point when we have to evacuate for wildfires. Except one time the fire was between the ranch and the boat. Not long ago, I was able to offer it to friends when the whole town was without gas for a week in mid-winter and they had no heat source.
  4. toddster

    Sailing log book

    Shit, that’s almost all I have to record lately…
  5. toddster

    Post-Ian Salvage

    When my brother was a diver, he used to occasionally get sent to help with hurricane cleanup. I asked him about that and he said that most everything went into the dumpster. No one had time to pick through the wreckage.
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    That's kind of what I had in mind - the outboard side of the aft head is the wet hanging locker. Run a hose from the aft-most blower right in there.
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    That's a good point but this installation is very space-constrained. Almost all the space under the settees is taken up by the water tanks. The fridge is an engine-driven holding plate. There is an old noisy 110VAC auxiliary compressor under the sink that actually heats up the cabin quite a...
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    For posterity's sake, any idea of what issue that was?
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    The problem with going six feet straight back is that that space is small and full of obstacles: a frame, the propane locker, the autopilot ram. I’m not sure there’s a straight path available. Hydronic system circulates hot water to distributed heat exchangers instead of blowing air through a...
  10. toddster


    I'm leaning toward a hydronic system such as Webasto DBW 2010, because there isn't a good place for a heater in the salon and because of the arguments outlined in the link. Living aboard full time and Winter Is Coming. So how do people route the exhaust for these horizontal diesel burners? I...
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    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Ancient? By definition, nothing younger than me is in any way “ancient.” My Massey-Harris-Ferguson is a 1953 model. The world’s most-copied tractor.
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    SV Seeker

    That’s… fairly disturbing. Not least, a frog with nipples…
  13. toddster

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    TWO DOGS on a boat? What could go wrong??? Just when I’ve got 110% of my attention focused on keeping the boat going, ONE dog freaks out and wants 100%.
  14. toddster

    Pex - what is the correct size?

    I did the old 30ish foot boat all in 3/8. No problems with the flow or pressure. New 40ish foot boat is done in 3/4 which is ridiculous since all the fixtures are low-flow anyway. Really wastes a tremendous amount of water to get hot water to the forward head or the cockpit.
  15. toddster

    SV Seeker

    :confused: Didn’t watch but… doesn’t a gas can these days cost a lot more than a purpose-made header tank? eBay, Amazon…
  16. toddster

    PNW Trip

    Yeah, but there's a refinery there...
  17. toddster

    Starlink Anarchy

    I just got billed for the same old (high) price. I think the price reductions were in places other than the US. Good grief! Before Starlink, (and moving on board) I had a microwave relay that was about 5/0.5. One could...
  18. toddster

    Aluminum RIB bottom paint question

    Who got married in the dinghy?????? Just upgraded to aluminum rib. It’s already painted… though no doubt will soon wear away in key points. The thought of scraping it away to bare alumin(i)um just to apply bottom paint, when one could simply lift or flip it over for a scrub… Nah!
  19. toddster

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I once shared an office with a guy who studied the gut microbes of crickets. At journal club, he would occasionally serve "chocolate-chirp cookies." (Kind of half-way between the ones with walnuts or raisins.)